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User group icon - how to

when making a new user group you can give the group an icon

if you don't write anything in the field (suggested with fa fa-user) then the group doesn't get any icon
if you write fa fa-user in the field you get an icon but also the text

1. how to get rid of the text without loosing the icon
2. are there more icons somewhere hidden in the many-many php-fusion folders, if so, how to use them
helmuth attached the following file:
2017-04-04_21-23-58.png [8.57kB / 126 Downloads]
2017-04-04_21-23-23.png [8.56kB / 130 Downloads]
2017-04-04_21-21-20.png [55.64kB / 127 Downloads]
1. Fixed https://github.com/php-fusion/PHP-Fusion/commit/6baa537c7e5d17da59713df63bdedab64a5f9c1e
2. PHP Fusion uses Font Awesome Icons http://fontawesome.io/icons/
Usage: fa fa-ICON-NAME
couldn't be easier - thx :G
I couldn't start a new thread so I'll try this:

The old 7.02.07 style of coding for user groups doesn't work in 9.03 and I need to be able to select a user group which on 9.03 falls under DefaultGroups. My form field needs to be able to select public or member or administrator. I don't understand why 9.03 user groups are the way they are. I can code the field to show the ONE user group that I've created but not the DefaultGroups. Help appreciated.
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