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How to move folders on github to the correct position?

I've uploaded the Danish locales to github and found out it was the wrong folder I placed most of the Danish-folders and Danish-files.

it seems that I'm only able to move 1 file at the time - I see no option to move folders

any suggestions?

I have remove it all and you can reupload it with correct structure.
Thank you ;)
Could someone please explain me why the pull request fails ?

is it because there is no Danish folder here: php-fusion/PHP-Fusion-9-Locale

@Falk: you made the deletion - could you please establish the folder again

that didn't do the trick ...

when the pull request is initiated, I get this:

There isn’t anything to compare.

We couldn’t figure out how to compare these references, do they point to valid commits?

could someone please explain me - step by step - what I have to make it right - I'm tottally frustrated at the moment

I would like to merge from here: https://github.com/helmuthm/PHP-Fusion-9-Locale
to here: https://github.com/php-fusion/PHP-Fusion-9-Locale

Are you using any client?, I use Git Desktop https://desktop.github.com/
You sort the files on your computer directly on the working directory then sync with your branch., see my screens.

Finally click sync button top right corner, seen in first picture.
Falk attached the following file:
1_14.jpg [158.88kB / 53 Downloads]
2_14.jpg [69.11kB / 44 Downloads]
3_4.jpg [33.15kB / 43 Downloads]
4_1.jpg [57.88kB / 49 Downloads]
Now we are one step further !

This morning I cloned https://github.com/php-fusion/PHP-Fusion-9-Locale into my Git Desktop
Then I added the Danish folder via Explorer
Then I tried syncing but got this message: (see attacehd)

well-well, things are really going smooth at the moment: I'm not allowed to attach the png file that shows what Git Desktop tells me when I'm trying to sync the files ... the attachment error: file type not allowed

Git Desktop:

Sync failed to to push locale changes
It seems you do not have permission to push your changes to this repository.
(button) OK
I add you to core devs, see if it works. This system is something I am not to found of personally, I was under the impression that you would be able to submit even as non member and that we then approve / denie... dunno.
At last ! ... now I've been able to make a pull request

I could not append directly via Git Desktop - I had to make the request from https://github.com/helmuthm/PHP-Fusion-9-Locale

Now I just have to wait for the request to be approved ;)

Update: approved now !

@Falk: thx for the invite :)
:Y ( We need New Smileys here , omg Jan is so right )
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