As many might not know yet, PHP-Fusion 9 is released with a very sticky and persistent end-user browser cache to allow your server to save content delivery and save bandwidth. As such, you will not see any CSS/SEO driver change unless you keep clearing your browser's cache. The down side is that developers who are constantly refreshing might not be able to review these changes easily.

Here is how you can disable Chrome's cache when testing/reviewing/developing your website.

Right Click anywhere in the browser and select "Show Inspector" (or like me, press CTRL+SHIFT+I)
On top of the newly pop up window, you will see Elements, Console, Sources, Network, Timeline, Profiles, Application, Security and Audits.
Click on Network and check the Disable Cache.
You need to keep the development tool open at all times.

Some brief information regarding the Chrome's development tools...
Elements shows HTML of the loaded site and calculated CSS final output
Sources look at the scripts that runs when fully loaded
Network shows your site latency.
Timeline shows detail description of your site scripts inclusion
The rest are self explanatory and hardly being used for simple web development.