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Nebula Theme Installation

I Installed the stable version of php-fusion 9 (not an upgrade of 7.02.07) and the installation went well after fixing a php_session location error. That error was not a php-fusion issue but a webhost issue. The question I have is during the installation I was asked if I wanted the Nebula theme installed and I said yes, and now I can't seem to change the theme to the original PHP_FUSION theme. Am I missing something? Also, during the installation I entered the Website titleI wanted, but it doesn't display anywhere on my website. Is that a Nebula theme issue or am I missing something again?

While the wait for this new version has been a long time coming, I am happy to see that it is finally finished and is certainly a step up from most CMS' and definitely better than version 7. It will take a lot of getting used to and learning but I expect it will be worth it. Nice work to everyone involved.

UPDATE: I think what I was trying to delete was the home page which I assume I can change to a page that I write? I am still trying to find out where the site name is supposed to be displayed because it is not visible anywhere.
Hi @afoster bro, been a long time since we talked. How are you?

Ok, for the issue let me find " I can't seem to change the theme to the original PHP_FUSION theme." What theme are you referring to?
To switch theme, simply go to the "System Admin > Theme Manager" in the Administration.
Otherwise, you can also try "System Admin > Theme Settings".
Also check your user profile and make sure the user theme is set to "Default"

Go to "System > Main" to change the site title, and opening page to the page you desired .. i.e viewpage.php?page_id=xx

Let us know if any problems.
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