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Line 244

Hello, I've tried to install this on 2 different systems and get the same error

Warning: Illegal string offset 'severability' in /var/www/html/includes/classes/PHPFusion/Installer/Requirements.core.inc on line 244

I have tried to clarify what problems are. There seems to be something with rights but beyond that I dont now.

The first system is osx sierra as I tried.
So i tried installing php on a pi just to see if it went better but at least get the same problem with the installation so something must be missing
theborg72 attached the following file:
skarmavbild_2017-05-13_kl_085238.png [589.44kB / 120 Downloads]
skarmavbild_2017-05-13_kl_085319.png [83.32kB / 82 Downloads]
try on online server get this after installation

Fatal error: Class 'PHPFusion\Page\PageController' not found in /public_html/includes/classes/PHPFusion/Page/PageView.inc on line 20
As you figured we can really only support live production servers decently.
If that server you last tried on meets the requirements that error is most likely due to corrupt files during upload. Try replace all files with a fresh set of new ones. Maybe even download a new zip pack to rule any CRC errors out there as well.

server 1. freebsd (not working) Paid host
Web Server Apache/2.2.31 (FreeBSD) PHP/7.0.18
PHP Version 7.0.18

server 2. Ubuntu (not working) Lokal try installation
Server 3. Try osx server (not working) Local try installation

what is it that i can install it to that i dont get install error
First time I heard of these issues during the whole RC - > Stable release. I do not know about any specific environment where it should fail. As long as the PHP and MySQL environments meets min requirement it have historically worked.
Could be your connection getting corrupted downloads, bad FTP upload or simply something in the configuration that makes it fail,
This message comes when you do not set the write permissions correctly like in the readme.html is explained. This is strange, because the installer reports that the permissions are ok but they are not. Instead of giving a PHP warning it should display a message what permissions are not ok, like in PF 7.

Also the text are in white with white background, so really bad to read
Great catch. Will issue ( https://github.com/php-fusion/PHP-Fusion/issues/1863 )
One error is gone, still one error left and still white text on white background.

See attached image
douwe_yntema attached the following file:
pferror.png [116.9kB / 116 Downloads]
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