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Custom Pages

I try to insert thefreedictionary.com content in custom pages in Fusion v9 Stable. The result is that the output is not complete. When I use panels with the same code the result is complete and good.

With Fusion v7 here: http://www.europenext.com/viewpage.php?page_id=56 (no problem).
With Fusion v9 Stable: http://globlr.com/viewpage.php?page_id=5 (first the custom page and right under the panel).

With "allow PHP execution" on, I get Parse error (so it is set off).
What could be wrong?
If you have any code in it you must have PHP execution on.
Start any scripts that do not echo content with a PHP termination


Now I got only errors:
You need to check the code, is all.
Same code (copy from) and works in fusion v7.
Anyway, I'll look to this later. Thanks.
When I enable TinyMCE Editor the custom page looks fine, when I disable TinyMCE Editor only parts of the custom page are ok. All without changing or editing any code? Weird.
I can see that you have to enable PHP execution ... and that this option is available under Security Settings ... but I can't find "Security Settings" anywhere in the menu ... :)

I have called the script directly, and can see it now, but it doesn't seem to be available in the menu anywhere ...

UPDATE: Rights were missing in the user-table ... maybe an error in update???
Home>Admin Dashboard>Settings>Security Settings>Allow PHP Execution (bellow page).

Anyway, PHP execution is set Off here and still the custom page looks fine. When I enable the TinyMCE Editor (Without changing any code or other settings anywhere!) the custom page becomes bad.
You should be able to edit the Custom Page and disable Tiny for each page you have.
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