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Members.php with SEO error

I have activated SEO (= /website-members)

but it's not possible to go to page 2, 3, 4 etc. - gives an 404 (/index.php?sortby=all&rowstart=24)
any news here?

site is now running 'clean' stable version and problem still exists ...
All mine and Chans free time have been placed on the new 9 based Main site, we found some structural perfomance issues in the Forum.

I know Karrak did some Git to it, Download the dev repo and replace all your files in /includes/rewrites/ from the new git.
For any changes to take effect you need to go to your permalinks and re-install all drivers.

Chan is recoding the whole forum during about 2 weeks now. If you need a feature, now is the time to ask. https://www.facebook.com/phfusion/posts/1373772922669382?notif_t=like&notif_id=1496376512166431
This is already up

   User fields integration
   · Add the user fields to show in Forum option into the forum administration.

   Ability to move individual forum posts and make a new thread of it in a new forum of choice.
   · Poster of the Post will be set as author of the new thread.
   · Moderator selects subject.
   · Moderator selects which new forum it belong in. ( Default to current )
   Provide with a choice to have HTML or BBcode switch in forum settings.
   · HTML must test to sanitize against hidden forum post <script> tags that can send user cookie data to 3rd party site or js console / alert.
   · a simple str_replace('<script>', '') can sanitize it.
   Quick Ban, Edit
   · A simple way to quick ban a user from the forum (iMOD and Administrators).
   · A simple way to edit user from the forum.   

Did as suggested - still not possible to go to page 2 - gives an 404
RobiNN's change didn't solve the problem - and yes, I did hard refresh ;-)
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