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Cant add file to downloads

Ok, my install went flawlessly, everything works perfectly. Love it. Except one STRANGE issue: When I go the Admin Panel > Content Admin > Downloads to add a new download file, I get the following stripped page for some reason. Please see the attached photo.

I am on a Linux server using PHP 5.3. Everything else works perfect except this one issue.

Can you please help me determine what is causing this? Thank you!
iami77 attached the following file:
dl-issue_1.jpg [13.87kB / 39 Downloads]
Check your folder permissions. ( read readme on folders )
Ok Falk, Ok, I read the readme file on folders. Permissions are set correctly to 777 as instructed. I still get that same page that I attached before. Anything else you can think of?
Only one more thing really, download a fresh copy and replace files. Might be corrupt download / upload.
It has to to with the function mb_strlen.
See this http://www.php.net/manual/en/mbstring...lation.php
I had this is many Fusion installations. The mb_strlen function is used to show how many characters are left for the description field, but is not enabled by default in your PHP installation.
Solution is to comment this out.
It is in /Administration/downloads.php in lines 332 and 333. Just commnent this 2 lines out.

//   echo "<span id='shortdesc_display' style='padding: 1px 3px 1px 3px; border:1px solid; display:none;'>";
//   echo "<strong>".(255 - mb_strlen($download_description_short))."</strong>";

Thank you Falk and douwe_yntema for your amazing support here!

douwe_yntema, that did it! Fantastic! Worked perfectly!

Merged on Jun 26 2017 at 02:37:37:
One more question for you both, if you don't mind.

On the downloads page, it states "Allowed filetypes: .pdf .gif .jpg .png .zip .rar .tar .bz2 .7z". But I need the secretary to be able to upload this important excel file for all the district members which she maintains in her office daily. How do I allow excel file to be added as a download as well.

Go to admin panel --> settings --> Downloads
Thanks again douwe_yntema. I did as you advised, strangely when I change add the xls and xlsx file extensions to the allowable downloads, I get the following: "Notice: Admin Password not entered or incorrect"

I did notice during the installation of php-fusion that it had me enter a second "Admin" password, which I did. But it didnt have me enter an Admin username to use with this password. This confused me.

Anyways, can you assist me with this as well please?
The second password is the "Admin Password", which has to be filled in in the lower input field of the settings screen
The admin has two passwords: The normal one for logging into the site and the "Admin Password" which is needed for some settings to increase security.
Thank you once again. Duh! I didnt even see that password field down there. Sorry to bother you on that one sir.
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