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Custom header navbar links or elements


First of all, congratulations on the PHP-Fusion 9.0 Stable milestone! :Y

So I just started to create a new Bootstrap based theme for my site, instead of porting the current one, and I have a question:

Is it possible to add custom elements into the header navigation?
So for example the navigation can be displayed with the showsublinks function, which is fine, but I'd like to add more links via ul and li elements, maybe some dropdowns, the way they are described in the Bootstrap documentation.

Another solution that would be also good for me, if I could just recreate the whole structure of the menu, but of course keeping the header navigation links.

Thank you, anything is possible. I think you need to make your own render engine for such custom link injection.
You do have custom ID parts in the Administration for Theme elements. Perhaps that could work too.

In the end I just wrote a custom code that doesn't use the Sublinks function. Actually the new Sublinks function is pretty cool, because it does have a html code injection part. My only suggestion would be to also have a parameter for custom brand, than it would be perfect. I personally use SVG image and custom font for that, rather than an image.

But probably as you mentioned, there are alternative ways to do this.
Is it the top menu @ http://oprend.hu ?
No, that is the current (old one). The new one is in the attachments. I want it to be a lot more simple, and compat, so this was the easiest way for me. What I'm doing is basically writing a new theme starting from scratch (from the bootstrap template) again.

By the way, is there still any possibility to modify the look of the comments? In older version I now there was the render_comments function, but I guess, thanks to the new comment system (which is very nice) it isn't the same any more. I could not find it yet.
Driv3r attached the following file:
top-bar.png [17.78kB / 70 Downloads]
Yes you should be able to redefine it in your theme as function or template, just copy the function. More examples will soon be provided once we launch the new Main site.

See includes/theme_functions_include.php
Around Line 1183 if (!function_exists("display_comments"wink)
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