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Www.php-fusion.net is hereby available for transfer to any interested patry

Thanks. You write: "Afterwards the following issues have been found and corrected:...". Are these fixed issues released to the github or any other place for download?
Not available for download yet.
I hoped that 7.03 would become something official. Sad.
That is not up to me but something for Domi
douwe_yntema might make it happened, if he qualify stamp the version he is on I don´t see why not and I will release it for him here.
There is a lot of dev hours down on that version as well, I am just not 100% sure on the stability of it in it´s current state since we pushed to 9 and took a different path.
I think I better wait for a stable v9 (with blog and other new stuff). But it is still a pity for the people who do not want to jump that far ahead or have other reasons to stay away from v9.
On PHP Fusion 7.03 are many problems on PHP 7.1.8.

- i have made a German locale an if i install 7.03 with German i can not see forum statistic in the admin/index.php
- class have the same name as the function
- in administration/settings_security.php is a problem with openform(...)
- security image do not work
- unactivated bbcodes do not display
- infusions can not install
- user ban system for users do not work correct
- locale change make navigation links double
and many more. Some problems i have solved, but i have not tested all and i think there are problems i have not found.
It is a lot of work to do. Some things i have done for PHP Fusion 7.02.07 on PHP 7.1.x and it work. But i do not have the time to make it for PHP Fusion 7.03
Reading the above, I'll stay far away from this v7.03 (as a non-programmer).
As replay to Harlekin: the question is are your problems related to php version or related to German language translation?

Is your version of PHP-fusion 7.03.00 available for download?

Maybe we can setup a github for 7.03.00 or make use of the exisiting github.
Many problems come with the php version 7.0.x and 7.1.x and some i think with the locale.
The php version 5.x is dead, Many webspacehoster have no more php version 5.x.but all have php version 7.0.x or 7.1.x.
I had made a copy from the english locale and rename English to German and translate all files. That should be so ok. Then i have installed php Fusion 7.03 with the german locale.

No, my version of 7.03 is not available for download and i do not have the time next months to work continue on 7.03 . I am lucky with my 7.02.07 on php version 7.1.8 That work fine.

Sorry for my bad english.
I do not doubt on your translation but some functions only works when set locale to English in PF 7.03
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