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Unknown column 'opening_page' in 'field list

Hello Community and Developers,

I have this time a problem after the big upgrade PHP Fusion 7.00.04 on 7.02.07.

There was a kind of quick administration in the backend and everything was slightly modified.

We have defined an "opening_page" for the project at http://www.radioneutral.de.

The Quick Administration displays:

Unknown column 'opening_page' in 'fieldlist

In the MySQL database the "opening_page" is also stored with "viewpage.php".

A certain page is displayed in the frontend via viewpage.php.

How can I fix the problem?

Thanks in advance.

P.S. If you need more information, please tell me what I have to do or to adjust.
Alex L attached the following file:
You need to inject the value manually then, run this in a custom page preview , or paste in like news.php after maincore.php inclusions and access it once, then remove the line.
$result = dbquery("INSERT INTO ".$db_prefix."settings (settings_name, settings_value) VALUES ('opening_page', 'news.php')");

Hello @Falk ,

I apologize for not registering. It is not my way to not report and to thank.

Thanks for the probable solution, which I can still try out, because my colleague is no longer reported to me.

I have his PF 7.02.07 project numerous updates, but he does not register anymore.

Therefore, I can not continue with the work.

Sorry for that and thanks.

Merged on Aug 21 2017 at 15:55:21:
Hello Falk,

I can only try it today with the news.php. If I insert the line code and then call the file in the browser, something is displayed with "duplicate entry".

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks in advance, if you are here again.
Perhaps the system you use have another table, is there an infusion.php to it?

It was possible to install and install numerous modules and includes. Therefore, after the upgrade from PF 7.00.04 to 7.02.07 something does not work anymore.

I will show you the /...inc.php of the Quick Administration module, in which I have in the backend this error with openingpage. It looks like this.


include ("/xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx/administration/module/schnellverwaltung/header.inc.php");

echo "
<div align='center'>
        <table border='0' width='97%' bgcolor='#E1E1E1'>
                        <td width='100%'>
                                <div align='center'>
                                        <table border='0' width='97%'>
                                                        <td width='100%'>
                                                                <h2>Veedelsradio Schnellverwaltung</h2>
                                                                <table border='0' width='100%'>
                                                                                <td width='30%'><b>Jukebox</b></td>
                                                                                <td width='70%'><a href='viewpage.php?page_id=46'>Musikwünsche verwalten</a></td>
                                                                                <td width='30%'><b>Vis a Vis</b></td>
                                                                                <td width='70%'><a href='viewpage.php?page_id=58'>Themen verwalten</a></td>
                                                                                <td width='30%'><b>Newsletter</b></td>
                                                                                <td width='70%'><a href='viewpage.php?page_id=64'>schreiben und versenden</a></td>

                                                                include ("/xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx/administration/module/schnellverwaltung/veedelcharts.inc.php");
                                                                include ("/xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx/administration/module/schnellverwaltung/jukebox.inc.php");
                                                                include ("/xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx/administration/module/schnellverwaltung/koelscheabend.inc.php");
                                                                include ("/xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx/administration/module/schnellverwaltung/visavis.inc.php");
                                                                include ("/xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx/administration/module/schnellverwaltung/startseite.inc.php");
                                                        include ("/xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx/administration/module/schnellverwaltung/crazyshow.inc.php");
                                                        include ("/xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx/administration/module/schnellverwaltung/radiogalerie.inc.php");

                                                        echo "

And "openingpage.inc.php looks like this.

if (!iADMIN)  { redirect("index.php"); }

echo "<br>
<font color='blue'size='2'><b>Startseite ausw&auml;hlen</b></font>";

$opener = dbquery("SELECT opening_page FROM fusion_settings");
$num_opener = mysql_num_rows($opener);
$e = 0;
echo "
<form method='post' action='".BASEDIR."schnellverwaltung.php'>
        <table width='100%' border='0'>";
                while ($e<$num_opener)
                        $openingpage = mysql_result($opener,$e,"opening_page");

                        If ($openingpage=="viewpage.php?page_id=16")$openingpage="Hauptseite";
                        If ($openingpage=="viewpage.php?page_id=42")$openingpage="Vis a Vis";
                        If ($openingpage=="viewpage.php?page_id=32")$openingpage="Juke-Box";
                        If ($openingpage=="viewpage.php?page_id=20")$openingpage="Koelsche Abend";
                        If ($openingpage=="viewpage.php?page_id=81")$openingpage="Oldschool-Radio";
                     If ($openingpage=="viewpage.php?page_id=91")$openingpage="crazyshow";
                     If ($openingpage=="viewpage.php?page_id=92")$openingpage="schlagerladen";
                        echo "
                                <td align='left' width='100%'>
                                        <select name='openingpage' size='1'>
                                                <option selected>$openingpage</option>";
                                                If ($openingpage<>"Hauptseite")echo "<option>Hauptseite</option>";
                                                If ($openingpage<>"Vis a Vis")echo "<option>Vis a Vis</option>";
                                                If ($openingpage<>"Juke-Box")echo "<option>Juke-Box</option>";
                                                If ($openingpage<>"K&ouml;lsche Abend")echo "<option>Koelsche Abend</option>";
                                                If ($openingpage<>"Oldschool-Radio")echo "<option>Oldschool-Radio</option>";
                                          If ($openingpage<>"Die Crazyshow")echo "<option>crazyshow</option>";
                                          If ($openingpage<>"schlagerladen")echo "<option>radiogalerie</option>";
                                        echo "
                echo "
                        <td align='left' width='30%'><input type='submit' name='opening' value='Speichern'></td>
                        <td align='left' width='70%'>&nbsp;</td>

Whether you can do something with it, I do not know.
If you have problem with Including Server Side Files:

- include ("/xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx/administration/module/schnellverwaltung/header.inc.php");
change to:
- include (dirname(__FILE__).'/path-to-file');
If you are working with IDE, it will show you.

In PHP-Fusion 9:
$opening_page = fusion_get_settings('opening_page');

Chan attached the following file:
ide.png [10.21kB / 50 Downloads]
OK, many Thanks!

It now helped and the one Include was put in quotes. I have now made it according to your method and the error is now gone again.

Your help was very helpful. Thanks again.
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