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Site Upgrade Notice: 11-9-2017 to 30-9-2017

We will be upgrading this site with version 9 during this time.

The New PHP-Fusion Site will cater for the following purpose:

1. as a Project Management system for its community.
2. as a Code Sharing Platform.
3. as a Support Forum.
4. as a News delivery system.
5. as a Documentation hub.
6. as a Client portal for Web Hosting client.

We will be dismantling all other existing system and focus on the above 6 agendas. The implementation will be in multiple stage upgrades.

If you have any content that you wish to obtain, please get them soonest possible before we replace the new site.

The upgrades will be performed in stages. First, we will be bring in Forum into the site for immediate community use during the first porting.

Please bear with us as we will be bringing a lot of exciting new services to you.
It's been a long time coming. Really looking forward to it sir and congratulations on the achievement.
Super now I can congratulate you - I can not wait
Was waiting for it a long time, great news! Many thanks to all involved! :) :G
v9 looks similar to v727, did i miss something?
I think we still have the issue with the version PHP-Fusion Version 7
Hmmm... Chan. Looks like your time window kinda' came and went. I'm sure there must be extenuating circumstances. :)
Yes, we almost always have good reasons :)
This time, it is simply due to Credit Card services we have implemented, some amends was requested for the application to be approved on a sharp site account. So we are stuck in some formality until we can proceed, I do hope it all can start this week. But since it is out of our hands all we can do is wait and try to comply if more amends are requested.


I think we still have the issue with the version PHP-Fusion Version 7
- by djdandi

I should have known better, Atom-X2 is not a v9 theme. Thanks for the info.
wow almost 2 mouths later and nothing you guys really need to get the times frames right before posting anything
Hi Guys, please accept my apology.

Our initial plan was interim release and patch as we go. However, the plan changed to push everything out in one go.. So it will take some time.

New services - like user wallet services, news, wiki documentation, web hosting services, are all done.

However, there is some technical aspects in payment processing gateway and it involves third parties. We've landed into some mess and is trying to sort it out soonest possible so we can roll the new site out.
We wait 3 years, I can wait another 3 months. Better not too many patches anyway, but do hope we see a final release soon. Thanks for the info. :G
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