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Missing link on Content Admin Menu

Downloads is missing from the content menu under the admin function. I've got downloads under the main menu, I have it in the Site Menu admin functions, but cannot preform admin functions. Any type of fix, short of un-infusing and re-infusing?

Running Fusion 9.0

10/4/2017 I couldn't wait any longer, defused then re-infused downloads, link reappeared on admin panel
Happened again....This time, the admin link for News disappeared.....any reason why this is happening????
If you Infuse / Defuse something and the link removal code collide with something else.
I really can´t explain it if that is not the case, should not happen.
Falk, it was there Monday - Gone today!!!
Your user rights have been tampered with.

go to your user_id = 1 and add ".N" in the user_rights.

P.s: Infusing/defusing is once a lifetime of a site thing, once you install, rarely you need to reinstall.
Thanks Chan, I'll give that a try...OK....should have asked you where the file is located :| been looking for 1/2 an hour......


go to your user_id = 1 and add ".N" in the user_rights.
- by Chan

Chan, what page do I need to locate?? Remember, I'm still a php illiterate here
You find that under permissions in users table , mysql.
But there are two ways links can poof,
1 if rights are missing, but the rights don´t just poof. It has to be triggered by something.
2 if some other infusion have a faulty code in it that removes the wrong admin link.
Both issues can be triggered by Infusions during infuse / defuse. If that happens to new when you work with let´s say blog, there is an error in the blog infusion.php
I originally had all infusions "Infused" then we lost the downloads, which I fixed by defusing and re-infusing, everything worked fine for a while, then I found that "News" disappeared. I'll look within mysql in the users table.

Thanks again Falk!

ps Once I knew where to look, found it and boy was that easy! .N wasn't there!!! News is back!
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