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One modul of my file dosent work anymore with newest versions

i have writen for a year a big Infusion (figure database)
now i have update to newest core files and some smal parts of some files doent work anymore. Guess here was some core changes what i dont have notive.

--> as guest i dont see anmore of this module
--> when i log in i see the Buttons only but no locales

this here dosent wor and i dont know why
sorce code:
<!-- Open Module -->
            <h4><br><div class='well clearfix text-uppercase text-bold'></div></h4>
<div class='list-group-item'>

            <!-- Display Own Collection Buttons -->

            <!-- Display Message, if no Users have this Figure in Collection -->
                            <div class="text-center"></div>

            <!-- Close Module -->

link to site: view-source:http://aliencollectors.com/site/infusions/figurelib/figures.php?figure_id=838

// Render User Collection
if (!function_exists("renderFigurelibFigureDetailsUsers")) {
    function renderFigurelibFigureDetailsUsers($info) {
        // Locale
        $locale = fusion_get_locale("", FIGURELIB_LOCALE);

        // Display User Gallery if Module active
        if ($info['figure']['settings']['show-collection'] && $info['settings']['figure_show_collection_global']) { ?>

            <!-- Open Module -->
            <?php openside("<br><div class='well clearfix text-uppercase text-bold'>".$locale['userfigure_007']."</div>"); ?>

            <!-- Display Own Collection Buttons -->
            <?= figures_displayMyCollectionForm($info['figure']['general']['id'], FUSION_REQUEST, "big"); ?>

            <!-- Display Message, if no Users have this Figure in Collection -->
            <?php if (empty($info['users'])) { ?>
                <div class="text-center"><?= $locale['userfigure_004']; ?></div>

            <?php } else { ?>
                <!-- Otherwise display all Users -->
                <div class="text-center side-small">
                    <?php $i = 1;
                    $all = count($info['users']);
                    foreach ($info['users'] AS $user) { ?>
                        <?= profile_link($user['user-id'], trimlink($user['user-name'], 15), $user['user-status']).($i != $all ? ", " : "");
                        $i++; ?>
                    <?php } ?>
            <?php } ?>

            <!-- Close Module -->
            <?php closeside(); ?>


            // Message for Admins if Module is Off
        } else if ((iADMIN || iSUPERADMIN) && checkrights("FI")) { ?>

            <!-- Display Message -->
            <?php openside("<br><div class='alert alert-danger'><div class='well clearfix'><strong>".$locale['userfigure_007']."</strong></div>"); ?>
            <i class="fa fa-fw fa-vtop fa-bolt"></i>
            <?= $locale['figure_1825']; ?>
            <a href="<?= $info['figure']['general']['adminlink-settings']; ?>" title="<?= $locale['mc_0012']; ?>"><?= $locale['mc_0012']; ?></a>

            <?php closeside(); ?>


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