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Blog v9 categories errors

When you make categories for the blog system. They do not show up when you make a blog in the drop down box to the left. The only thing that shows up is uncategorized and not the others. I also had errors in the Error Console I do not know if that is part of it.
jjwichter attached the following file:
screen_shot_2017-11-09_at_24816_pm.png [607.49kB / 192 Downloads]
screen_shot_2017-11-09_at_24750_pm.png [599.08kB / 207 Downloads]
Here is the screenshot showing that the categories were not their.

jjwichter attached the following file:
screen_shot_2017-11-11_at_101801_am.png [871.29kB / 176 Downloads]
I found a similar problem. Categories are also installed in DB but are not displayed. Do you have English in the blog_cat_language table?
Through the original Ive seen sql error in the core . I will look into the matter and patch the git this week. Thanks for the report.

Can you please provide which version of blog did you use? Is it the Github 9.03 version?
test.phpfusion.cz it is PHP-Fusion 9.1 (9.03)

web jjwichter I do not know.
Blog ver 1.1, PHP Fusion 9.0 Here are snapshots of the database showing english. I had to manually put the blogs into their categories from PHPAdmin. To make it work.
jjwichter attached the following file:
screen_shot_2017-11-13_at_91432_am.png [723.66kB / 158 Downloads]
screen_shot_2017-11-13_at_91402_am.png [477.62kB / 171 Downloads]
Ok, blog have version 1.2

We might have discovered and fixed them, but just to make sure we start at a footing for potential issues.
Which file was causing the problem with the categories not to show when adding a blog?

Where did you add the blog?

I'm guessing you add them in Blog Administration - Add Blog. The relevant link is:

Yes in the backend of the site. Is that link An updated version of the administration part of the blog?

It is not work.

jjwichter attached the following file:
screen_shot_2017-11-19_at_83105_am.png [366.9kB / 177 Downloads]
screen_shot_2017-11-19_at_82826_am.png [361.13kB / 180 Downloads]
Please help me sad the same problem sad
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