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Septenary Theme error

File in question is : themes/Septenary/includes/components.php

Have a look at this line of code:
if ($settings['opening_page'] == $file_path) {


This is a condition that when your site is only at Opening Page, we show you 1 variation output.

Then: https://github.com/php-fusion/PHP-Fusion/blob/9.03/themes/Septenary/includes/components.php#L367-L378

This is the second variation output.

You can remove this whole thing. and just put a static one instead without the if/else conditions.
Thanks for the fix the second option works good, but have other problems. After doing that fix the photo gallery and downloads title to not show up in the banner area. What is shown is the title of the site name in the banner area.

The submenu comes up and shows like this this. I have been racking my brain in what is casing this to happen.

-----> / Articles / Our Town / Youngstown, Ohio: Mahoning & Shenango Railway

You can see it live here in what I am talking about.
it's not in your site links, hence it does not show.

You can use this code to somehow replace the whole code function. This code checks last .php extensions.


if (preg_match('/gallery.php/i', $filepath) {
$title = "Gallery";
} elseif (preg_match('/something.php/i',  $filepath) {
$title = "Something";
} else {
$title = "Main title";
echo $title;

The home link is one space down from the rest of the links.

jjwichter attached the following file:
screen_shot_2017-11-17_at_71358_pm.png [278.82kB / 130 Downloads]
screen_shot_2017-11-17_at_71303_pm.png [366.72kB / 162 Downloads]
Uhm, not the icon on the Septenary. It's the Site Links added to your navigation bar via the Admin Panel. The Septenary code reads the Menu only.
That's how it was coded.
Do you know what is causing that to happen with the home button? I tried swishing themes and it was fine. Their is no icon with the home link and I deleted the home link and added it back in. Still the same thing.

What home button we are talking about? :) Margin / padding errors?
padding errors from the photos that I posted. Go here:


You will see the link where the home link is one space down from the rest.

I sent you private message with my number. This going back and forth is not working lol.
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