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Fatal error executing db_backup.php in Fusion 9

Fatal error when trying to backup database in Fusion 9 (db_backup.php). Can anyone help, please?


Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined method mysqli_result::columnCount() in /storage/ssd5/595/4233595/public_html/administration/db_backup.php:61 Stack trace: #0 /storage/ssd5/595/4233595/public_html/administration/db_backup.php(134): db_backup->execute_backup() #1 /storage/ssd5/595/4233595/public_html/administration/db_backup.php(503): db_backup->__display() #2 {main} thrown in /storage/ssd5/595/4233595/public_html/administration/db_backup.php on line 61
Use PDO driver, db_backup.php does not fully support MySQLi
In config.php set $pdo_enabled from 0 to 1
Thank you very much for the prompt response.

I have enabled pdo in config.php ($pdo_enabled = 1; ), it was disabled before, set to '0'.

Now another error message appeared, "504 Gateway Time-out". I have tried increasing the set-time-limit in db_backup.php (under folder 'administration' ), from the default '600' to '1200' , even tested it up to 3000. Still, the same error message.

Database for my webhost is limited to 1 GB of data and 150 tables. I'm using much less than that, 144.51kB (70 tables). Total data on this site is <50Mb. Webhost is using MySQL 5.7, and database engine is InnoDB on MariaDB 10.1. is there any restriction on MySQL version and/or Dbase engine for Fusion9? Also, I'm using PHP 7.1. Do I need to use a lower PHP version available on my webhost (versions 5.2 to 5.6)?

I've also tried doing this db_backup at different times of the day and night, to avoid time-out periods and maintenance downtimes at the server side. Still, no luck, same error message. My internet connection is working fine all these times, and bandwidth use is well below limits. My other sites on Fusion7 are all working fine. Was hoping to move them all to Fusion9 asap, if I could get this little issue with db_backups out of the way fast.

Please help. Thanx everyone.
I found out an error occurred while parsing the page (Database Backup page). Error log shows "set_time_limit() has been disabled for security reasons". When I checked on my webhost's forum, they say ...
"I can’t turn on "set_time_limit()" on my webhost. It’s disabled because of shared hosting. VPS hosting is the only solution (i.e. to pay for the services). I'm currently using free hosting, will move on to paid hosting when everyone is set on using this community site.

My question now is, why on Fusion7 I'm able to do db_backups without a hitch. I only have this backup problem on Fusion9. "set_time_limit()" is also used on Fusion7 db_backup.php, and error log still shows parsing error with "set_time_limit() has been disabled for security reasons". But I'm still able to download the db_backup's .sql file from the website, from the admin panel's DB Backup page, and also from a side-panel at the homepage to do "forced backup". I just can't download the .sql db_backup file here on Fusion9, either from the admin panel or from a side-panel in the home page. Fusion7 is all ok.

Can anyone help me get around this problem? Thank you much.
PHP-Fusion 9 have a larger database so it seems as the default script run time is not enough on the free host and/or it is lacking speed to complete the backup before the script time out. Basically it goes hand in hand.
AFAIK faster host / allowing longer script execution time is the only solution.
OK thank you admin for the response, I get it now. I suppose my webhost is not allowing any amount of set_time for db_backups to run on their free host. I even tried setting it at 6400, still nada. They did mention its only possible for VPS, ie. paid hosting. I do understand profit is their strong motivation. Well, it's good that Fusion7 has smaller database so I could still get away with it on their freehost lol :) ... for now!

Too bad can't use Fusion9 for these free sites I'm working on for a few non-profit communities, or I'll just have to go with it without backing up the database and hope to god the sites won't crash. Was thinking of trying the other CMS engines but I just love the layout on this new Fusion9, look n feel are just awesome. Hope there will be lots more addons coming soon. Good job everyone for this new release.
I tried breaking up the .sql backup file into 3 sections, to reduce the data amount per backup:
1) backup_2018-01-18-0346_admin-forums
2) backup_2018-01-18-0346_infusions-polls
3) backup_2018-01-18-0346_ratings-weblinks

... and that worked out well!!!

Problem solved :D
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