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Where to find 'Select' ?

I have been looking for the word 'Select' in all the Danish locale files - without luck :(

Could someone point out where to find it ?

Btw. it's in v.9.0.3
helmuth attached the following file:
v903-adminmenu2-language.png [60.39kB / 178 Downloads]
Perhaps ../locale/../admin/fields.php.
It's not in PHP Fusion.

RobiNN attached the following file:
jiop0lg58t95ei4b.png [4.16kB / 126 Downloads]
Perhaps 2 locale, 1, $locale="Select" 2, $locale="fil" ?
Select should be from JS or something connected to Dynamics while the "fil" is already translated somewhere.
I found it
{files} == https://github.com/php-fusion/PHP-Fusion-9-Locale/blob/master/Danish/includes/dynamics/assets/fileinput/js/locales/da.js#L15

Just translate Select
thanx for the finding ;)
I've run into a kind of catch 22 situation here regarding the screen presentation of this translation :(

the Danish letter æ is viewed as æ

as you can see in the code box below it must be written as æ and I have checked that I save the file in UTF-8 encoding.

How can I solve this?

(function ($) {
    "use strict";

    $.fn.fileinputLocales['da'] = {
        fileSingle: 'fil',
        filePlural: 'filer',
        browseLabel: 'Browse …',
        removeLabel: 'Fjern',
        removeTitle: 'Fjern valgte filer',
        cancelLabel: 'Fortryd',
        cancelTitle: 'Afbryd nuværende upload',
        uploadLabel: 'Upload',
        uploadTitle: 'Upload valgte filer',
        msgNo: 'Ingen',
        msgNoFilesSelected: '',
        msgCancelled: 'aflyst',
        msgPlaceholder: 'Vælg {files}...',
        msgZoomModalHeading: 'Detaljeret visning',
        msgFileRequired: 'Du skal vælge en fil at uploade.',
        msgSizeTooSmall: 'Fil "{name}" (<b>{size} KB</b>) er for lille og skal v&aelig;re st&oslash;rre end <b>{minSize} KB</b>.',

Helmuth, the image on the first post is a fileinput isn't it?
i.e. echo form_fileinput(.........);

with that the button locale value is

$calback_value = '';
$options = [
'label' => 'Anything'
echo form_fileinput('name', 'label', $callback_value, $options);

It defaults to $locale['browse']
the displayed text in the form is fetched from the file RobiNN is pointing at

the problem is that I want the Danish character æ to be displayed as æ and not as &aelig;
Make sure it is saved as UTF8 - No Bom, that could do the trick.
I'm using TextWrangler and it seems I do not have the proposed option:
helmuth attached the following file:
utf-8-bom.png [147.51kB / 128 Downloads]
Better Notepad ++
I've saved the file with TextEdit and updated it on my localhost - no thumbs up
helmuth attached the following file:
utf-8-dom-2.png [29.01kB / 120 Downloads]
All Github files are saved under - UTF-8 (no-bom) & LF format by default, a convention between developers working at the repository.

For text wranger, there is a version 3.5 stating in their software update:


The following UI changes have been made to text encoding selection:

"Unicode (UTF-8, no BOM)" has been renamed to "Unicode (UTF-8)".

"Unicode (UTF-8)" has been renamed to "Unicode (UTF-8, with BOM)".

The text encodings menu (as used in the status bar, preferences, and other locations) has been rearranged so that the most commonly used Unicode variants (UTF-8 and UTF-16-BE+BOM) are at the top of the menu, with a separator between them and the rest.


I did not find the image, you have to fiddle around the software.

Recommending full fledge IDE for working with PHP Fusion as we're now working with Git, namespace, classes, etc, that has everything in a single software. It's wise to get a full fledge IDE to cut your development time significantly.
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