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Add User Panel information to Theme Header

I'm trying to add some of the data from the user_info_panel.php file to the theme.php file for my custom theme.

When I attempt to achieve this and call:


Nothing appears. I assume I need to include maincore but I don't know how to include it from theme.php in my theme directory as I don't know the directory?
Put echo in front of it
Yes mate, I've echo'd it. The string is empty.
Are you logged in? Else the userdata is empty.
Yes I'm logged in, the following if statement recognises that the user is logged in...

if (iMEMBER) {

but the string


is empty.

Do you know how to include maincore from the theme.php file??
The maincore is already included otherwise there would be no iMEMBER constant.

I tested if i add a statement echo $userdata['user_name']; it displays my logon name.
Can you put the statement in an panel or something for testing?
It works in a panel, but I don't want it in a panel I want to be in the header so it's included on every page. Is there somewhere else I could put the code that isn't in the theme.php file?

Merged on Mar 18 2018 at 11:41:44:
Oh wow, I feel dumb.

Just had to

global $userdata;

at the beginning of the function. Doh'
You will never forget that:)
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