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Just a few notes about this site:

I have 'borrowed' RobiNN's Czechia theme (credit in the footer), and customised the CSS to suit.

Mainly because of my banner which uses #171717 background color, so I made the theme background the same to get a seamless look.

Mostly, the Bootstrap framework looks quite nice, and our readers like the dark theme look instead of the original off -white which was very hard on the eyes.

We use bootstrap code on the front page, links to articles are wrapped in several objects such as: container-fluid, card-deck and card. If anyone is interested in the code that is used drop a line to this thread.

We also use responsive code for embedded videos and large images within our articles (we have over 7000 in the system), which are auto-sized whether on desktop or on a phone. Works great.

For search, we use both the native PHP9 search function, but we also use the bolt-on Google internal search engine which appears at the top of every page, which is slightly better in my opinion.

We also use a Tag Cloud function, which is a carry-over from PHP 7.02. It was a pain to get working, but we've got it going to about two/thirds functionality. The original developer is no longer coding anymore, and I really would like to tidy this up.

In our articles, we have changed the Ratings system to suit our purposes.

One of the things I really like about PHP9 is the FAQ Module. it uses a function that folds text (hide/unhide upon click), like you would find on a Knowledge Base. It's also similar to the Folded and Outliner plugin's you can find in the DokuWiki eco-system, and those work and look great in that environment. It would be great if the code used on FAQ could be used similarly in News, Articles or even Custom Pages. The ability to fold/unfold sections within an article or news block would be fantastic!

However, one area I always bemoan on PHP is BBCode. Having two environments which aren't harmonious at a content writing level isn't good. I'd prefer it if we just use HTML instead of BBCode. But that's me.. lol

I'd love it also if we can use Bootstrap code for responsive elements in BBcode, but this isn't supported. I'm sure there's a Bootstrap Editor that's available for BBCode, but the whole thing would probably need a revamp, and I know the Devs here are busy enough as it is.

The site looks good on a mobile too, though I would love it if some of the right sidebar options were only visible/selectable for a desktop (set page width dimension), rather than a phone, because on a phone, these show up underneath each other and can go on for ages as you scroll down.

Anyway, that's it for now.
Interested punters feel free to drop some feedback.

6 replies

Great looking site!
helmuth has replied to this - 9 months ago
Yes, looks great ...

One thing though: clicking Articles & Contact in the top menu opens in new tabs, which is a little disturbing ...
ikandi has replied to this - 9 months ago
Thanks for pointing that out helmuth, easily fixed, which I will change shortly.
Great site and great content. I can not wait to go for v9x when I see your site. Only thing: would make the top logo smaller (248px!).
There are a few changes that are ongoing, but changing the size of the banner (to 248px) won't be one of them.
The height of your logo is IMHO too much. But ask a 100 people and you will get a 100 answers, luckily. Anyway, great website you created.
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