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Monetization Strategy

Hi all,

Is there anybody using PHP Fusion for monetization purposes? I'm looking to develop a monetization strategy using the Fusion platform, rather than other avenues such as PrestaShop, Shopify etc.

Especially if PHP-Fusion has an E-Shop infusion that can be used, and (also) back-ended into an existing Fusion site thereby taking advantage of the existing infrastructure, especially the existing user base.

I have some ideas but it would be nice to see what other people are doing relative to their business and use of PHP-Fusion.

Some ideas include:

selling stuff (whatever that may be)
a subscription model to get access to locked areas of a PHP site (downloadables)
a donation model (like Patreon), or a Paypal click)


In my opinion, all websites can monetize quite easily since last year, thanks to the booming of internet advertising and online tools, payment gateways, etc.

It really depends really on the purpose of your website is.

If your website is leveraging on traffic hits, then you can sell ads or get donations. Although donations is highly ineffective. The better way is to "analytics" and sell "targetted advertising"
Applicability: community based sites, free social sites such as community builder, gaming websites.

If your website is offering premium contents, then you can charge on user memberships where they need to pay before they can access certain content.
Applicability: software downloads, news/articles, experts content.

E-commerce sites where you sell things.
Applicability: E-Shops, Digital product shops, private services like Logo Design, Web design, etc.

Brokerages Fees
Applicability: Multivendor Marketplaces, Auctions.

What I know is when you try to monetize, never start something that already existed and try to compete with others. You'll want a user to keep coming back and keep engaging on your site heavily so you'll have good traffic hits. Since, all websites gets popular depending on one main factor : How fast/regularly your website updates its content. For example, websites like social media sites don't have a problem updating themselves when the contents are user-based contributions based.

PHP-Fusion is highly recognized as a strong community oriented web CMS. It started as a "portal" for a community builder and can be all of the above just because strong membership equals to consistent traffic. That is inevitably the better reason why PHP-Fusion is still my ideal choice to start something exciting.
Thank you for your advice Chan. Excellent.
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