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PHP-Fusion 9 Alpha or Beta, anyone?

I can´t seem to find any previous Alpha´s or Betas anywhere ( RC´s are there ).
Does anyone have a copy of Alpha or Betas laying around?
All I've got is a logo from that time.
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Close, but not Quite. Pointed me in the right direction tho. I did find what I need in early 9 branch !!
I have some beta, not sure which version. Cannot attach here (too big).

Link: HERE
Thank you ! , More to analyze, compare and tinker with, perfect!

I´ll break the news here.

PHP-Fusion 8 will most likely see the daylight.

PHP announced that they will close all support on < 7. So a lot of PHP-Fusion sites can get hit hard if many hosts simply phase it out. Not everyone is ready for 9 and 9 is not ready for everyone either for that matter.

So we figured, what can we do to help people who are perfectly happy with their PHP-Fusion 7 sites and reluctant to upgrade at this point?

For most parts it is the database drivers that cause issues.
I have a draft with these issues addressed already.
However, I figured we can do better for everyone who is very reluctant to upgrade. Yes, I have listened!.

So the aim here in the coming days is to release a PHP-Fusion 8, a procedural Fusion 8 that is 100% compatible with 7.
It should result in 0 transitions issues for PHP-Fusion 7 based Addons and Themes.
The version will also contains some fundaments that was made for PHP-Fusion 9.
This version has litterly hundreds of smaller / larger fixes ( 260ish ) if my memory serves me right.
People who followed Git might have been fast and grabbed a updated version there, the version was never publicly released before it got transitioned to 9.

So what do I have right now?,
260ish+ bug fixes/improvements on 7.02.07
100% compatible with PHP 7+.
Two Database drivers - PDO & MySQLi ( Thanks to our German friends who kept building on mine and Yodix initial PDO driver )
Full Multilingual capabilities.
Custom error pages.
A Blog ( rewritten from News with all it´s perks )

See what else we should use in this version from 9, Evaluation - WiP..
Fix upgrade script.
Goal is that the worse that can happend would be some notices on minor errors because there are no re-writes of the Infusions nor Core or Theme engine per say. Just improvements and additional functionallity with little to zero negative impact on performance and stability.

Anyone with Beta or Alpha versions, please post links or attach em here, perhaps I can use something.
like Good news!
Keep on mind that updating php-fusion is not enough. You need updating the infusions as well to be compatible with php7.

At least the infusion.php needs updated.

I.m.o. this is version 7.03 and not v8

Although it is great news, it is a confirmation for me v9 wil not be stable soon.


You need updating the infusions as well to be compatible with php7

Indeed, trying to cover most in first run.


I.m.o. this is version 7.03 and not v8

I see It as 8 because it will have all the initial features planned for 8.
Even the customizable Admin Themes with a separate login and password, none required inside admin due to that.
In essence it is a simplified 9 without structural changes and OOP kept to a minimum. Due to that the Core Infusions and Core functionality are basically untouched, except for the Multilingual tables, but again it is optional additional features which means it will run just fine even if the first version are not 100%.
However, the first version should run 100% on PHP 7, already does but well, lots to do and tune!


it is a confirmation for me v9 wil not be stable soon.

Not fair to say, it is running very well here and on many other places.
Over the years I had a lot of talk with a lot of people, Many many opinions and inputs has been shared.

The reason for this version is exactly what I stated. It is to respect PHP-Fusion 7 users who want their PHP-Fusion 7 to keep running even post PHP 7 and also ofz, to keep their Mods, Addons , Themes etc.
PHP-Fusion 9 went a tad to far breaking a lot of backward compatibility, It was never my intention. I said it would not but over time it did more and more, trying to fix that here as well.

The goal is to land in a balanced version with enough features on the table to make it worthwhile and share some of the love from PHP-Fusion 9 to people who wont upgrade to that version.
I almost forgot!
For more inspiration on 9, don´t miss the Czech NSS site that is developed and administrated by one of our star developers ( RobiNN ), it is really awesome.
The site use basically all that 9 has to offer with grace.
Yes, I will have it ready any day now. I won´t do any betas or so. Just a sharp 8.00.00 release and we increment any future patches with versioning as usual.

Just need to adjust the system for our SEO Engine now, it took some time to nail the basic implementations on content after the engine merge to the system. It has been by far the most challenging part so far.
But now the news is 100% with comments, ratings at all. Just need to do same on the rest.
Depending on time and so, Reverse engineer the migration tool maybe a new theme setting page as we have in 9 as well.
Then check the upgrade a couple of runs, all done smile
Great news! Waited many years for this news. We will upgrade later to v9, when more stable. like
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Thank you!
I am basically ready to wrap up, hopeing to find a early draft of the blog I had, would be nice to include as well.
Seems that it is even in earlier versions than b6, i´ll keep searching tho. No stress to release yet smile

Even took some time to add new admin icons,I want to see clear differances from 8 o 9.
I am sure 100+ hours down already to compose this version even with re-use of tons of earlier work done.

See screens for new admin progress..

Note the few resources it takes, in footer, below 2mb even with full defaults (bootstrap, helpers, global css files).
That is 3 times less than current 9.
The Front end is about 1.3mb / 2mb 0.02. so, it is quite light. That is even with SEO engine on.
You do not have access to view attachments
A blog would be great and well worth the waiting. like

Hope that there will be more secure registration added: picture captcha, security question etc..


Note the few resources it takes, in footer, below 2mb even with full defaults (bootstrap, helpers, global css files).
That is 3 times less than current 9.

One of the biggest reasons, people do not switch to v9..
As v7 did not have a blog there is no need to wait for v8 to have a blog included. It can be added in a next version. This way v7 admins can upgrade sooner and add a blog later if they wish. So basically I'm saying: If v8 has at least the same features as v7 and is stable then release it. All other (new) features can be released in new versions.

Preferably v8 should be released before christmas holidays start if possible, so the admins can update locale files and upgrade in their holidays and torough test their websites and port mods (if any) back in.

Are there any locale changes?

Thanks for reviving v8 and making an actual release of it.
I think V8 is just a copy of the V7.03.00, I am running on php-fusion.net. So maybe we can take the language of that. I hope they will have a look at my Gitgub, there were a few errors on 7.03.00, which are corrected now. There are still a few errors in the multi language and forum not solved yet.

I hope this v8 is stable as v702, a blog can be indeed added later. I see fixes for v9 being added to github on a weekly basis, that is not a version for me yet (altough i test it here for months and see no mayor problem http://globlr.com/viewpage.php?page_id=4). v8 would be a great christmas gift. like
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