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No graphics are displayed in my plugin

I wrote my own plugin and I add new messages and pictures via form_textarea.


The pictures are on the server and the path is good. But instead of a picture on the site, I have only this


This is the code for displaying the panel
require_once "../../maincore.php";
require_once THEMES."templates/header.php";
include INFUSIONS."podsumowania_panel/infusion_db.php";
if (file_exists(INFUSIONS."podsumowania_panel/locale/".$settings['locale'].".php")) {
 include INFUSIONS."podsumowania_panel/locale/".$settings['locale'].".php";
 } else {
 include INFUSIONS."podsumowania_panel/locale/English.php";

$result = dbquery(
   "SELECT d.*, u.user_id, u.user_name, u.user_status, u.user_avatar
   LEFT JOIN ".DB_USERS." u ON u.user_id=d.user
   WHERE podsu_id='".$_GET['podsu_id']."' LIMIT 1");
if(dbrows($result)) {
   while($data = dbarray($result)) {
   echo '<ol class="breadcrumb">
          <li><a href="glowna.php">Home</a></li>
 <li><a href="podsumowania.php">Dane klimatyczne</a></li>';
          echo "<li class='active'>".$data['podsu_name']."</li>";
         echo '</ol>';   
echo '<div class="row">';
 echo '<div class="col-md-12">';
echo '<div class="row">';
      echo "<div class='col-md-12'>";
         echo "<h3>".parse_textarea($data['podsu_name'])."</h3>";
      echo "</div>";
      echo "<div class='col-md-12'>";
      echo "<hr>";
         echo "<p>".parse_textarea($data['podsu_nametekst'])."</p>";
      echo "</div>";
      echo "<div>";
      echo "<div class='col-md-6'>";
         echo "<h3>Temperatura max</h3>";
         echo $data['podsu_tempmax'];
         //echo "<p>".$data['podsu_tempmax']."</p>";
      echo "</div>";
      echo "<div class='col-md-6'>";
         echo "<h3>Temperatura min</h3>";
         echo "<p>".$data['podsu_tempmin']."</p>";
      echo "</div>";
      echo "</div>";
      echo "<div class='col-md-12'>";
      echo "<hr>";
         echo "<h3>Opady</h3>";
         echo $data['podsu_opady'];
      echo "</div>";
      echo "<div class='col-md-12'>";
      echo "<hr>";
         echo "<h3>Wiatr</h3>";
         echo "<p>".parse_textarea($data['podsu_wiatr'])."</p>";
      echo "</div>";
      echo "<div class='col-md-12'>";
      echo "<hr>";
         echo "<h3>Burze</h3>";
         echo "<p>".parse_textarea($data['podsu_burze'])."</p>";
      echo "</div>";
      echo "<div class='col-md-12'>";
      echo "<hr>";
         echo "<h3>Raporty</h3>";
         echo "<p>".parse_textarea($data['podsu_raporty'])."</p>";
      echo "</div>";
      echo "<div class='col-md-12'>";
      echo "<hr>";
         echo "<h3>Ostrze┼╝enia</h3>";
         echo "<p>".parse_textarea($data['podsu_ostrzezenia'])."</p>";
      echo "</div>";
echo '</div>';      
 echo '</div>';
 echo '</div>';
require_once THEMES."templates/footer.php";

Please, give me a mistake and how to fix it.
Instead parse_textarea() use htmlspecialchars_decode()
I did it like that wink
echo $data['podsu_tempmax'];

has no parse_textarea. :)

It is documented



 * Interpret output to match input of textarea having both bbcode, html and tinymce buttons
 * @param $text
 * @param bool|TRUE $smileys
 * @param bool|TRUE $bbcode
 * @param bool|TRUE $decode
 * @param string $default_image_folder
 * @param bool|FALSE $add_line_breaks
 * @return string
function parse_textarea($text, $smileys = TRUE, $bbcode = TRUE, $decode = TRUE, $default_image_folder = IMAGES, $add_line_breaks = FALSE) {
 $text = $decode == TRUE ? html_entity_decode(stripslashes($text), ENT_QUOTES, fusion_get_locale('charset')) : $text;
 $text = $decode == TRUE ? html_entity_decode($text, ENT_QUOTES, fusion_get_locale('charset')) : $text; // decode for double encoding.
 $text = !empty($default_image_folder) ? parse_imageDir($text, $default_image_folder) : $text;
 $text = $smileys == TRUE ? parsesmileys($text) : $text;
 $text = $bbcode == TRUE ? parseubb($text) : $text;
 $text = fusion_parse_user($text);
 $text = $add_line_breaks ? nl2br($text) : $text;
 $text = descript($text);
 return (string)$text;

It might contain a lot of algorithm, but it has everything under one function to solve it quickly.
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