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Site Updates & Maintenance - 22/23 Dec 2018

Date: between 22 & 23 of December 2018

During this maintenance, will have a major site update on using a new version of Forum, User Fields, and Social Login Connectors. Our login system will be updated to support 2 Step Verification using Google Authenticator and also Facebook Connect for ease of registration and all future logins.

2 Factor Authentication and Facebook Login Updates

If you wish to use the Google 2 Step Verification feature, please visit Google Authenticator site or simply visit either
(Google Playstore - Android, or Apple AppStore - iOS) and download the app to your mobile devices. You can also google for "Google Authenticator" if you wish for other platforms such as Blackberry devices, although we are not sure whether Google has made them available or not for these.

Forum 3.0 Updates

The Forum version 3, which will feature new user post reporting feature to allow community to identify spam, breach of code of conduct, and so forth - so that moderators can easily find these malicious posts. We will also start to analyse on IP traffic based on these reports to find any multiple accounts with the same IP address have been used in the forum.

Also we've added filters to all thread listing to provide a better thread searching. Stock templates are also improvised. Multiple security fixes and optimizations have also been included. We also added Forum to utilize 9.0.4 User Fields 2 system to show user fields in their respective post.

In terms of post engagement and to promote answering questions, the Forum 3 was necessary move for us to develop further to feature a new user ranking leader boards where users are awarded points based on a new calculation of not just with new posts created, but the quality of the post, up votes and down votes, bounty answering to make a brand new forum leadership ranking experience.

We will also announce prizes as appreciation with Marketplace gift vouchers, Fusion Coins, and other exciting rewards for forum rank leaders in the future. Nevertheless, before we have a chance to do such a thing, we hope everyone will still be able to help each other just like we always used to just being a pure PHP-Fusion enthusiast. smile

Fusion Theme Updates

We try to achieve more Mobile first scoring with the revision of this update. Mobile navigation menu has been improvised for better fit in a smaller screen along with many more css optimization.

Public Git Push
These major code updates will be made available on Github after a few days for localization development.

Thank you.
Look forward to it Chan. Thank you.
  • Theme optimization for mobile and smaller screen devices.
  • Forum was updated to version 3 and code further optimized.
  • Database has been cleaned up some.
  • Some core files have been improvised and optimized.
  • Fixes some bugs on User Fields version 2.
I want to ask if anything there is to improve or have anyone got any suggestions to make the forum better? I'm all ears.
A quick search in the forum only would be great.
A link somewhere on the website to the addons would be great too.
Good job! smile Thanks again.

Happy new year to all!

Chan wrote:

@Chan - I want to ask if anything there is to improve or have anyone got any suggestions to make the forum better? I'm all ears.

I like this page: https://www.php-fusion.co.uk/infusions/forum/, but as a teaser add a couple of lines of the last post to get people interested in reading the thread or last post. For Latest Threads and Sticky Threads
Same for "Can you help these people?"

Below are the categories and in the right the latest thread in the category. Please add a teaser as described above.

The layout overall could be tighter to prevent a lot of scrolling.

Actually everywhere, for example, https://www.php-fusion.co.uk/infusions/forum/index.php?section=latest could use a teaser in my opinion.

Are left/right sidepanels still an option in the forums? Not saying you should activate them here, but whenever I switch to v9 I would like too.

Checked several url's for SEO but these seems not to be activated.
At least show the time past on latest post in the thread, like it was before the update. It now shows the date of first post, but that doesn't make sense.

And sort the list that way.

And if going to latest discussions and enter thread go to last post in stead of starting at the top.

When receive mail of answered thread and click on the link, make it that way that you go directly to that answer in stead of going to the top of thread.

The two last sections mainly make sense with threads with a lot of post's
To clarify (ignore the bad mockup) is this anything like what you mean?

TBH, I'm not really a fan of PHP-Fusion Forum, as it relies on BBCode.
I tend to address any of my issues from a small form factor device first, as typically viewing it on a desktop is a good experience, so all good there.
My issues are:

1) There is no support for responsive elements in the Forum because of the BBCode thing. This mainly includes videos and large images. No problem elsewhere within PHP-Fusion due to the Bootstrap support, just the Forum and Comments, which use BBCode.
2) Nested forum posts and where quotes have been used extensively looks really ugly on a mobile phone. The screen just gets wider and wider until you disappear off the page.
3) Someone above mentioned the issue of forum posts being sorted between Oldest and Latest. I think I prefer Newer posts first rather than at the end, due to excessive scrolling to get to it, especially if your forum thread goes over 2 or 3 pages. Obviously it's not an issue if you only have one page of posts as the Sort option doesn't kick in. Is there a switch in mySQL to change the sort order? Or does it have to be changed in the relevant infusion/forum php file?

Many of my readers come in on the mobile phone, and they say that 9.0 is a much improved visual experience than it ever was on 7.02. So kudos on that front.

Ikandi, what version you use?

i download the one from the frontpage, and images in forum are responsive, quotes look nice, even when there are more quotes.
for youtube i have to change 2 lines of code to make it responsive
I use the base 9.0 install, no githubs or anything like that.
How do you get the YouTube stuff to work in portrait mode for the forum? That would be interesting.
Currently I just use the youtube tags [youtube ] blahblahblah [ /youtube]

ikandi wrote:

@ikandi - I use the base 9.0 install, no githubs or anything like that.
How do you get the YouTube stuff to work in portrait mode for the forum? That would be interesting.
Currently I just use the youtube tags [youtube ] blahblahblah [ /youtube]

You can still use it, but you have to change some code.
Look here smile

ok, got it, will make changes to my include files first thing in the morning.
Cheers, thanks for that.
Locking this one now, was a while a go the maintain topic was in effect, rest is thread hi-jacking.
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