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Found some smal Bugs / Problems on V8


I have install a clean download.
And found 3 small things that are not okay i think. pfft

1. There are some missing images on the admin Dashboard

2. Settings Main is wired

3. The Navigation Scrollbar for the Admin Menu did not scroll full

greatz from germany
The missing icons is due to the locale, it need to be synced. ( locale/English/admin/main.php )
we´ll patch soon that should tackle the rest. You can try the latest here : https://github.com/php-fusion/PHP-Fusion/tree/8.00
Hey Falk.

Thanks for reply.
I always test the latest git. wink
Wait for commits and will check germany locale admin Main for the missing images.

Greatz WU

Merged on 12/30/2018:
Sorry for doublepost, but.
I have checked your hint.
Replace German locale main with the english.
The Dashbord now is showing right.
But some Icons still missing.
With english locale all working fine.
Locale are synced and translated and then the dashboard is broken and the icons get lost.
I think is a bad way you have created, cause if the files are translated the designs not working anymore right.
What about an old admin Panel?

Greatz WU

Merged on 01/06/2019:
Today i try the latest git.
Alle problems still exits. sad

Greatz WuChEn
I have the same problem.
Oleg attached the following image:
Make sure all locale files are included and that they are fully updated. The system matches for example,

// Pre-defined sections
$locale['AC'] = "Article Categories";
$locale['A'] = "Articles";

The $locale['AC'] > Pulls correct image.
If an entry is missing or if the file is faulty it will fail to retrive the images in the administration.
Falk, there are all records in localization:

$locale['AC'] = "Категории статей";
$locale['A'] = "Статьи";
$locale['BLOG'] = "Блоги";
$locale['BLC'] = "Категории блогов";
$locale['CP'] = "Страницы";
$locale['DC'] = "Категории загрузок";
$locale['D'] = "Загрузки";

Images are displayed correctly only after installation on the English localization.
You will need to translate into your language.
Already translated smile
Oleg attached the following file:
russian_80019.zip [143.38kB / 53 Downloads]
OK. So if I got it right. You are doing a new install with the new language translation. ( Will test later )
About the main settings are not right: The problem is there is a file in the folder www.yoursite.com\locale\yourlanguage\search\ which is not good.
You can see it in the picture of post #1 the drop down list is empty, which ruins the screen.

I had the same issue on V8 with it.

Edit: remove the file users.json.php, it should not be there. Thats the problem
Falk, after testing, write how it will work for you. Russian localization can put in downloads on the site.
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