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Fatal error in v8

I've made a test setup at kidsvolley-kerteminde.dk/v8/ and becuase it wasn't possible to logout from the site, I decided to download the latest github package and upload it to the server.

Now I get this error trying to access admin area:


Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to a member function rowCount() on boolean in /var/www/kidsvolley-kerteminde.dk/public_html/v8/includes/db_handlers/pdo_functions_include.php:104 Stack trace: #0 /var/www/kidsvolley-kerteminde.dk/public_html/v8/includes/classes/PHPFusion/Admins.inc(324): dbrows(false) #1 /var/www/kidsvolley-kerteminde.dk/public_html/v8/includes/classes/PHPFusion/Admins.inc(396): PHPFusion\Admins->getAdminPages() #2 /var/www/kidsvolley-kerteminde.dk/public_html/v8/includes/classes/PHPFusion/Admins.inc(379): PHPFusion\Admins->_isActive() #3 /var/www/kidsvolley-kerteminde.dk/public_html/v8/themes/admin_themes/Venus/acp_theme.php(55): PHPFusion\Admins->setAdminBreadcrumbs() #4 /var/www/kidsvolley-kerteminde.dk/public_html/v8/themes/templates/admin_header.php(35): require_once('/var/www/kidsvo...'wink #5 /var/www/kidsvolley-kerteminde.dk/public_html/v8/administration/index.php(23): require_once('/var/www/kidsvo...'wink #6 {main} thrown in /var/www/kidsvolley-kerteminde.dk/public_html/v8/includes/db_handlers/pdo_functions_include.php on line 104

Merged on 01/03/2019:
BTW you can't disable smileys when you edit the above post :-(
Give me a few more days and i´ll post an update, don´t think we should use that class for admin really.

Merged on 01/03/2019:
Confirmed, current Git has issues loading Admin.

Merged on 01/03/2019:
I see now, You copy files before Upgrade. You must first do the upgrade, then copy the rest of the files.
The site http://kidsvolley-kerteminde.dk/v8/ started out as a normal setup of a new php-fusion site.
Afterwards I did manually add the content from http://kidsvolley-kerteminde.dk ... so there was no need for any upgrade to perform as site already was v8.
There was an alteration sneaked in on the Github revision,
$result = dbquery("ALTER TABLE ".DB_ADMIN." ADD admin_language VARCHAR(50) NOT NULL DEFAULT '".$settings['locale']."' AFTER admin_page");

Perhaps should move it out for now.
I started over with a new install from the bottom ... error has disappeared :-)
Nice to see that all these issues are fixed so fast, will there be an official update of v8 or must we check github on a regular basis and update our *.php files of v8?
We will update the current version very soon. Probably during next week. It is important that it matures with some sharp tests before we do it. But any issue we know about or has been report is fixed in the Git atm.
Great news! A stable step towards v9.
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