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Any Theme Options/Support for v8.00.19?

I'm currently on v7.02.07 (www.sarusal.com) with PHP7 fix from another PHPF support site, and am looking at upgrading to v8.00.19. I was looking around to gather as much upgrade requirements as I can before starting, and supported themes under V8.00.19 is one question. I will assume that v7.02.07 themes would break? Are there any v8 themes in the package or in other addon support area I haven't seen? Just trying to gather all my options.
v7 Themes should work just fine. There are quite a few Themes included with full v8 functionality. We tried to include a full spectrum of Themes. (Table , Div, Bootstrap, Atom-Micro Engine based). To have as many examples as possible. But the changes are really few on the Themes.

Download and check the list.
On v7 Themes two things will not work out of the box. But it will not crash or even miss it unless you try it.

1, The two new panel positions will not render content on a Theme not modified for v8.
2, Is very conditional. If your v7 Theme have it´s own locales and you run the site on more than 1 language, the Multilingual engine will not be able to switch until the locale include section is changed to full v8 standard in the theme. However, again it will not crash anything, site default is loaded.
Can anyone tell me where there is a list of downloadable variety of V8 themes avalaible? Can't seem to find any beyond what came with the V8 install/upgrade pack.

V7 themes seem to work with v8.00.21 functionally but I cannot figure out how to fix the vertical stacking problem of the navigation bar in every v7 theme I try on v8.




since it happens on every existing v7 theme I try, I assume it's not the individual theme css. I do't know what to look at and know nothing about PHP coding or extensive CSS.

If anyone has seen and foxed/knows the fix for this, my preference is to continue using the v7 themes I already have.
Disable Bootstrap in theme settings.

RobiNN wrote:

@RobiNN - Disable Bootstrap in theme settings.

I did, and flushed the cache just in case. No change.
Open your themes/yourtheme/theme.php and add on themes that bug with the menu.

if (!defined("IN_FUSION")) {
 die("Access Denied");


// Disable Load Default CCS

// Disable Load Global CCS
define('NO_GLOBAL_CSS', TRUE);

That worked. Thank you!
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