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Upgrade problems from v7.01.x03 to v7.02.07 (in prep for upgrade to v9)

Hi all,

[[ Apologies - I can't fnd a forum for v7 support so posting it here. ]]

I want to upgrade to v9 from v7.01.03 but find that in preparation for this I need to first upgrade to v7.02.07 and then upgrade again to v9.

I've begun the process of upgrading to v7.02.07 and followed the advice exactly as given on this page https://www.php-fusion.co.uk/infusion...p?page=204

Now when I navigate to the site www.example.com all I get is a completely empty page. Even when I view the page source there isn't even any html there.

The same result if I enter www.example.com/index.php.


If I type in the URL for the LOGIN page www.example.com/login.php , The admin login page is served up. The page contains all objects including the website menu items such as pages, a photo gallery, FAQ, contact page etc. and all of these menu links serve up the proper pages, complete with the expected content/data.

If I attempt to log in and enter my username and password int he login form - when I submit the login form, I get a completely blank page again.

Any help much appreciated.

I know a fair amount about v7. Nothing from v9. My site is still in v7 and I'm worried about updating it. I don't like the new look.

Could you link your website or maybe PM it to me? are you running multi site? What all has been done to the database?
You can start with file rights, make sure all files have correct rights to be read. But first of all replace all files once with a fresh 9.03.00 pack. Do not use 9.0. If a file got corrupt you can get all kinds of wierd errors.
PHP-Fusion 7 is discontinued. If you do not want to run 7, PHP-Fusion 8 will work just the same but it is updated / modern in it´s Core and 8 also has a new Admin and quite some nice features like SEO that 7 is lacking. Eventually 7 will stop working on all hosts because of the database protocols that are no longer supported.
Cupid, thank you the reply for the offer but even if I give you the URL, there's nothing to see.

The site is live so I don't want to publisise the URL at this time in the hope I can get it sorted out without the need to.

Cheers - Neil
Falk, thank you for the reply and advice.

Will check all file permissions but in the meantime I just wonder from what you've said if you think I'm trying to upgrade to v9? Eventually I do want to upgrade to v9 but from what I've read, I first need to upgrade the v7.01.03 to v7.02.07. Only then can I apply the v9 upgrade.

So the problem I'm experiencing at present is following the upgrade to v7.02.07.

Does this make any difference in your thinking?

Cheers - Neil
No, I think the same just do it with the v7 pack instead.
Still working on this with no success so far. I've restored the original 7.01.xx version from the backup and have been going through some files.

Can anybody tell me what archive.php in the root directory is for?



@Neil-R - Still working on this with no success so far. I've restored the original 7.01.xx version from the backup...

I can offer you a more sophisticated upgrade option. Test the update on a local web server, for example XAMPP with the old version of PHP, which is required for PHP-Fusion v7 to work. Try to do the update in stages, PHP-Fusion v7.01.04 / v7.01.05 / v7.01.06 / v7.02.00 / v7.02.01 and so on. Find the necessary update versions in the national PHP-Fusion v7 support forums. Using translate google in a web browser you can download the versions you need from the Russian forum. Links: PHP-Fusion v7.01.xx http://rusfusion.ru/infusions/moddb/i..._value=ASC and PHP-Fusion v7.02.xx http://rusfusion.ru/infusions/moddb/i..._value=ASC
Also archive of all versions can be found at this link: https://sourceforge.net/projects/php-...hives/7.x/
Zizub, thanks for that option. Sems like a long job but at the end of the day may be the only option left open. So far it looks like the problem only occurs in a call to /viewpage.php. So in the meantime I'm going to trace through the process /viewpage.php/ calls, to see if I can identify just where it exits. All other requests via /article.php, /faq.php, /gallery.php etc. seem to work OK.
Also see this post : https://www.php-fusion.co.uk/infusions/forum/viewthread.php?thread_id=39613
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