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PHP-Fusion Error Log

Version 8.00.21 error log I'm getting this:
Take a look into the file includes/classes/UserFields.class.php
Error:    count(): Parameter must be an array or an object that implements Countable    Line:    443
File:    includes/classes/UserFields.class.php    On Page:    /register.php
User-Level:    0    IP:    xx.xx.xxx.xxx
Date:    April 06 2019

Source code (Line: 433 - 453)
433     }
434     $this->html .= "<tr>\n";
435     $this->html .= "<td colspan='2' class='profile_category_name tbl2'><strong>".$cat['field_cat_name']."</strong></td>\n";
436     $this->html .= "</tr>\n".$fields[$cat['field_cat']];
437     $i++;
438     if ($this->method == "display") {
439     $this->html .= "</table>\n";
440     }
441     }
442     }
443     if (count($fields > 0)) {
444     $this->html .= "<!--userfield_end-->\n";
445     }
446     }
448     private function renderButton() {
449     $dissabled = $this->displayTerms == 1 ? " disabled='disabled'" : "";
451     $this->html .= "<tr>\n<td align='center' colspan='2'><br />\n";
452     if (!$this->skipCurrentPass) {

I don't know if this has been addressed before.
if (count($fields) > 0) {

Damn! Why didn't I see that? So then this is a bug in the code and I will fix it now. Thanks man!
I don't see how that could be; I am at 8.00.21 and I ALWAYS replace ALL files when I do an upgrade. Go figure...
UPDATE: I just changed my FileZilla settings to ALWAYS overwrite on uploads AND downloads where it was set to only overwrite if newer or size differs.
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