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Need Infusion So Sellers Can List Products But Not Actually Sell Them On Site - Basically Portfolios

I have been racking my brain trying to think of a solution to solve my problem. This may be a little difficult to under but I will do the best I can to explain it so its understandable. The new site I am working on will allow sellers to list products that they sell on other e-commerce sites like Amazon, Etsy and eBay that they want tested and reviewed by buyers. In return the buyer gets to keep the product for testing it plus receives a refund for the money they spend on the product to begin with and typically gets commission if they review the product too. So the testers end up with totally free products and I must say, some of the products are extremely nice. The sellers will not actually sell their products via my site, just post whats available for testing/review. My site needs a place where Sellers (that I have added to the Sellers User Group) can list their own products. I'd like for each seller to have basically what you'd consider their own Storefront (kind of like the way the new Modifications works here, each Seller has their own Store/Portfolio) but their products should also be listed in a directory of products in the respective category for the product as well (just like here with the Modifications). I have no idea what Add-On I could use for this to accomplish what I need. Each product page needs to contain Photos, Description, Price, E-Commerce Site Product Is Listed On, Terms & Conditions For Testing & Reviewing & Refunds and a way to PM the Seller as well. Also, I'd like for each product listed to have a button to click that says something like Request Product Test with a space to input a link to their Amazon, eBay, Aliexpress and etc. profile links or username, depending on the site the product is sold on because all sellers require that information and that would automatically send the request along with the profile link or username to the Seller letting them know that someone wants to test and review their product. Then from there, the Seller should be given an option to Approve or Deny the Request or PM the Buyer if they need additional information. I was going to consider using the Photo Gallery but it's simply not ideal and the Forums are not ideal either. The Store Infusion available here isn't what I need either but if would allow multi-vendors and had a few tweaks done to it so that it would fit my needs, it just may work out. I have no idea whatsoever where to start on coding and creating something like this on my own. I do want to eventually build on this too so that after a transaction between a seller and buyer is completed, they can leave feedback and/or just ratings for each other on my site too so this is something I am going to be building on over time.

Does anyone have any idea if there is any type of Infusion that currently exists or multiple Infusions that exist that could help me get this done? I am sure whatever I find is going to need at least minimal tweaking to make it work. If no Infusions of this nature exist, would anyone be up to the task of trying to create something like this? I do know of another site that is similar to what my site is going to be but is not exact and has a good many differences but it's possible you can draw ideas from it. I am more than willing to pay someone to try their hand at it if anyone would be interested in doing it. I really hope someone can share some of their ideas on what Infusion(s) could possibly work and what would need to be tweaked or that someone will be willing to help me out with this project. Again, I have no problem compensating someone for their time if they are up to tackling this project for me!

If you could get the eShop to work it can list with no price, however it would also need to make it user based, now it is only for site admins and user can not have their own "space".
Correct and I need something where users can either create their own e-shop or portfolio and I cannot alter the code to make it work.
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