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Move PHP-F v7 site from a subdirectory of a domain to its own domain

Are there any step-by-step procedures anywhere on how to move a PHP-Fusion (v7.02.07) site to a different domain that is on the same server under the same user and home/user/ path? I think I'm having issues with upgrading from v7.02.07 to v8.00.21 related to where I have one of two sites.
I have my first site in its own domain, installed in the root directory. I installed the second site in a subdirectoy of the root of that same domain and I multi-site. I upgraded site 1 in the root to v8.00.21 with no problem. However, site 2, in the subdirectory, failed. I tun thru the upgrade and it gives nothing but a blank screen.

I want to move this site to out of that subdirectory and to its own domain, into the new domain root directory. Both domains are under the same /home/user and both sites currently use the same hostname/database. So I assume I will still be able to do multi-sites to share db tables even if under a different domain. Would anybody be able to verify that?

Once I do this I will attempt another upgrade on site 2 to v8.00.21. Any help is appreciated.
Check the following settings in your settings table with phpMyAdmin,

siteurl https://www.yourdomain.com/
site_protocol https
site_host www.yoursite.com
site_port (empty for standard ports)
site_path / < should only be 1 slash as displayed for root of yourdomain.com

As long as you keep these settings updated to reflect the reality of your site´s path, it will work.
Thank you for the guidance, I think I got it working.
One more reachout for help on this, as one thing did not like the move of my site2 to its own domain.

When I had site2 running in a subdirectory of site1.com as multisite, I had set site2 config.php cookie prefix to be the same as it is for site1. I think (I don't know the exact function of cookies in this regard) that is how I got it to where when a user was logged in to site1.com and clicked a link to go to site2, the user would still be logged in upon reaching site2. Now that site2 is its own domain site2.com, config.php cookie prefix hasn't changed but now whether I'm logged in to site1.com and go to site2.com, or vice versa, I have to login again. Is there something I can do to regain that functionality of staying logged in until I logout of either location?
Enable Users can log in on different devices simultaneously in Admin > Settings > User Management
Thank you!
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