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Request Arabic translate folder for v9
anyone can share please?
Hi, it looks like we do not have one for v9, https://github.com/php-fusion/locales/tree/version-9
You can see the structure on other language packs there.
I thought I see someone share screenshot for admin control panel with Arabic language at GitHub.
Ummmm, no big deal ...
Since Arabic my native language I can volunteer, but the language folder very big maybe going to take while to finish it alone.
Perhaps if someone can share useful tools related to this kind of project to help me out process faster, just wondering!
if developers can give tips I'll appreciate it ...

I was referring to this one ...
If he can share this folder, I'll try to complete it instead of start from scratch !

I see, he never submitted it to us from what I can tell. You can write to him and ask if he needs a hand to complete it.
no reply
I'll just give this thread few days before starting...
to make sure if there is anyone already made it or in progress so I can help out!
Meanwhile can developers give me like tips/advice/suggestions of tools or way to start such thing.

Feel free to send me private message!

We have started project translation with crowdin, poedit, still under testing phase. We got unlimited license from their sponsorship.
I don’t have time to fiddle with them yet, until my current coding work is done at least.

If you have started to translate I will make you main translator and give u main credit for all Arabic on the front page.

To submit, there are several ways. You can pass the files to me, to falk or directly on GitHub. And later possibly crowdin or poedit (we need to see which one is better for our use purpose)

You can see me and talk to me on Discord. I’m always online with my mobile phone 24/7/365.

Let me know if you decide to start. I’ll set you up for submissions.
I am interesting & Yes I already started
but first I need to translate at least 50%, to make sure that everything work perfectly good...
give me couple of days to complete this task!
I'll update you once I finish.
Iam working on Arabic lang

I olmost finished admin panel


if i finished it i will attached all files


I see, he never submitted it to us from what I can tell. You can write to him and ask if he needs a hand to complete it.

I have the full translated copy of V9. since it was released . http://ar-phpfusion.xyz/ with the last released changes V 9.30.50
And I have the full translated copy of v7 http://phpfusion-ar.tk/


Yes I need help in how shall I protect my Translation Copyrights .
I had translated many big scripts to to my Arabic Language and I found that my Translation Copyrights were stolen (XMBforum-ar.TK - YABBFORUM-AR.TK and many others) , every one can edit the files and stole the the hard working efforts of others.
So, how can you help me to reserve my Translation Copyrights ? and I will post the full translation of the two versions.
Thank you
Any translation created by volunteers is an open source. That's means everyone can use it for any project (personal site, comercial etc.) or edit it but no one can sell it as its own product.

Anyways we have on Crowdin https://translate.php-fusion.co.uk/ Arabic 67% completed.
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