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PHP error messages

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Server software Linux Centos 7
Webserver software Apache/2
PHP version 7.2.17
PHP interface fpm-fcgi
MySQL Server version 5.5.41-MariaDB
PHP-Fusion version 8.00.22

Error    Date    Status
count(): Parameter must be an array or an object that implements Countable Line: 230

Take a look into the file vriendschap.net/public_html/search.php
Error:    count(): Parameter must be an array or an object that implements Countable    Line:    230
File:    vriendschap.net/public_html/search.php    On Page:    /search.php
Date:    april 19 2019 22:54:39    Status:    

Source code (Line: 220 - 240)
220     $c_swords = count($swords); //sizeof($swords)
221     for ($i = 0; $i < $c_swords; $i++) {
222     $count += substr_count(strtolower($text), strtolower($swords[$i]));
223     }
224     return $count;
225    }
227    function search_querylike($field) {
228     global $swords;
229     $querylike = "";
230     $c_swords = count($swords); //sizeof($swords)
231     for ($i = 0; $i < $c_swords; $i++) {
232     $querylike .= $field." LIKE '%".$swords[$i]."%'".($i < $c_swords - 1 ? " ".$_REQUEST['method']." " : "");
233     }
234     return $querylike;
235    }
237    function search_fieldsvar() {
238     $fieldsvar = "(";
239     $numargs = func_num_args();

Investigated the error and found two solutions. Which one should be prefferred?

     $c_swords = count($swords); //sizeof($swords)

Into: (found in first comment, https://stackoverflow.com/questions/48001569/phpmyadmin-count-parameter-must-be-an-array-or-an-object-that-implements-co)
     $c_swords = count((array)$swords); //sizeof($swords)

Or: (found https://stackoverflow.com/questions/53020833/count-parameter-must-be-an-array-or-an-object-that-implements-countable-in-lar)
     $c_swords = !empty($swords); //sizeof($swords)

Please advise.

3 replies

Good find, !empty would be my first choice since it is cleaner and makes most sense procedural style.
Thanks for fixing it.
author Wanabo
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