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Upgrade from 7.02.07 to 8.00.21 to 9.03 > a Success story, but not without glitches.

Then you´ll get theme issues with orginal theme for sure.
Going from 8 to 9. We'll just have to punch through to latest version to keep the site secure and up to date. Will post in relevant forum if anything goes kaboom.
ok, so the original site theme and main gfx were actually pretty much inherited in to 9 with few or non important issues. I have a few edits to do but the main thing is that the site is actually looking as it should after upgrade to 8 and now upgrade to 9. Then again the theme is not very complex. I am beyond relieved. grin
OK, just did this with additional two sites. These were English only, so minor high ascii woes here.

  1. Theme changed to a default one, like Gillette
  2. Several old infusions (really old) defused.
  3. Switch PHP version from whichever > 5.6 prior to upgrade.
  4. Upgrade sequence - uploaded 8.00.21 upgrade files.
  5. Step 1 Maintenance > ok.
  6. Step 2 > ok.
  7. Step 3 alter config php > ok.
  8. Step 5 > htaccess written > ok.
  9. Step 6 > db upgrade run > no errors. I noticed it can run for 2-3 minutes, so just sit and wait for the page to refresh. WAIT for it...
  10. Sites online, admin is browsable, version states 8.0.21.
  11. Uploading rest of 8.00.21 files (You do know there is a zero KB .htaccess file in the file package?, excluding it from upload).
  12. Site switches to Atom-8, seems working.
  13. Administration is working, Forums are there, lots of theme stuff obviously more or less broken, but site basically functional.
  14. Trying to switch to higher PHP version: > 7.3 > works.
  15. RESULT > OK


  1. Upload of upgrade files

... wait for it... wink
Upgrade to v9.x
Upload v9 files and run site.com/install.php in title you can see "PHP-Fusion Upgrade". That's all. V9 have built-in upgrade system in installer.
I know, I am doing it, just that my FTP transfer is taking .. longish... 1200 files to go
...updated thread title... grin
so one site turned out decent after 9, the other not so much... content seems to be in place after upgrades so thats that.
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