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What is the difference between CCL and CRL

According to the licensing page:


The main distinction from our other licenses is that CRL is for non-commercial use only.



The main distinction from our other licenses is that CCL is for non-commercial use only.

So what difference is there between these two, execept the price?
It is naturally a typo ( Corrected ).
On the first page they are described. For deep compare you would need to read the full license. https://www.php-fusion.co.uk/licensing/licensing.php
https://www.php-fusion.co.uk/licensing/licensing.php?crl vs https://www.php-fusion.co.uk/licensing/licensing.php?ccl
With our next Main Update a new license page is also introduced with some compare licenses at a glanse as well
Ok thanks.

How can I purchase a CRL License?
The purchase option will be available on our next update with a nice certificate generated to it.
When do you expect this update is finished?
Final testing in progress, still hard to say. I´ll take the safe bet and say not for long.
Do you mind for now if I remove the copyright footer and order a license when this site is updated?
Not at all, please do.
I tried to buy the license, but I got stuck at the papal payment.
When I hit the paypal button, nothing happens.
I'm sorry douwe, just got to know about the issue from Falk. I will need to check the wallet issue. I will be back after fixing it.

Merged on 05/31/2019:
Can I confirm with you which page are you stuck at?

Page 1:


Page 2: (After clicking Pay with Paypal)

Yes, the green button "pay online" does not work
Thank you. I will get back with some results soon.
Hello Douwe, I just checked your wallet configurations, and I find your address fields are missing and therefore the pay button was disabled.

The wallet is a multi-payment gateway payment processing system to all systems on the site where payment requires it such as Licensing, Hosting, Marketplace, so forth.

I am currently developing all kinds of payment methods for the user's convenience here. As such, by default, we have required basic essential particulars from users which normally a payment gateway would ask from us.

To fill up your address field, you can click the "Edit' button on the same page as "Pay now" or go to your wallet account Basic settings here:

For Paypal, they do not require any address, so you can just enter any address to enable the "pay now" button. However, Your email address must be the correct email address

Rest assured that the payment is very secured as it is using the latest sanitization methods and is uninterceptable throughout the process.

After you click pay now, you will be redirected to Paypal gateway where you need to login and process the payment.

When you complete it and paid, Paypal will tell confirm with you that the payment is made and you will be given a link that says, "Return to Merchant", and you must use that link to come back to us.

Please do not skip this step as it is very important to get your CRL certificate issued to your wallet's email address.

Paypal will send the payment verification to us for checking out your order.

Please let me know here if this works for you.
I am very sure I filled in all the required fields, and when I did, the pay now button becomes enabled. There just happened nothing when I pressed the button.

So there is a problem with it.
What browser are you using?
Chrome on Android
When you checkout, is your address displayed?, is it not saved when saving? , the table that should contain the data is empty. As if you have not filled it.
You can also try to update your wallet here, https://www.php-fusion.co.uk/edit_profile.php?ref=wallet&section=account_settings
And then try to checkout if you are on phone it might be an option.
so there are two accounts: a wallet account and an public profile, with some the same field names with different information in it.
For example in public profile I have a website, but not in wallet
In wallet I have first and last name, but not in public profile.
In wallet i have a phone number, but not in public profile.
I think the information from the wallet account comes from the same page as where the pay-now button is.
As said, I have already filled in all the fields, but for me It should be:
Go to the shop
Make an account
Fill in address details
Pay for your items.

This system is really complicated to deal with.

What website should I fill in the wallet account? The website I want to buy a licence for?
Issue is now resolved.

A CRL was purchased and received by Douwe. It's still an address field problem disabling the pay now button, and I've manually entered an address for him via the Wallet administration and everything else went smooth.
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