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Bug in /forum/viewthread.php post# redirecting wrong.

After fiddling with RSS where I discovered that I needed to add pid to the url of the feed to go to the correct post I also found out that "post redirecting" by clicking on the #number of the post does not function properly. You only can see this problem if you click on a post# when it is not the first page.

I examined the code and the pid part was missing.
Change in viewthread.php

echo " <a href='".BASEDIR."forum/viewthread.php?forum_id=".$_GET['thread_id']."&thread_id=".$_GET['thread_id']."#post_".$data['post_id']."' name='post_".$data['post_id']."' id='post_".$data['post_id']."'>#".($current_row + $_GET['rowstart'])."</a>"; 

 echo " <a href='".BASEDIR."forum/viewthread.php?forum_id=".$_GET['thread_id']."&thread_id=".$_GET['thread_id']."&pid=".$data['post_id']."#post_".$data['post_id']."' name='post_".$data['post_id']."' id='post_".$data['post_id']."'>#".($current_row + $_GET['rowstart'])."</a>"; 

Full snippet with comment.

 echo "<tr>\n<td class='tbl2 forum_thread_user_name' style='width:140px'><!--forum_thread_user_name-->".profile_link($data['user_id'], $data['user_name'], $data['user_status'])."</td>\n";
 echo "<td class='tbl2 forum_thread_post_date'>\n";
 echo "<div style='float:right' class='small'>";
 echo "<a href='".BASEDIR."forum/viewthread.php?forum_id=".$_GET['thread_id']."&thread_id=".$_GET['thread_id']."#top'><img src='".get_image("up")."' alt='".$locale['541']."' title='".$locale['542']."' style='border:0;vertical-align:middle' /></a>\n";
 echo " <a href='".BASEDIR."forum/viewthread.php?forum_id=".$_GET['thread_id']."&thread_id=".$_GET['thread_id']."&pid=".$data['post_id']."#post_".$data['post_id']."' name='post_".$data['post_id']."' id='post_".$data['post_id']."'>#".($current_row + $_GET['rowstart'])."</a>"; // mod Wanabo, added pid for showing the wright post and avoiding problems referring to posts.
 echo " <a href='".BASEDIR."print.php?type=F&thread=".$_GET['thread_id']."&post=".$data['post_id']."&nr=".($current_row + $_GET['rowstart'])."'><img src='".get_image("printer")."' alt='".$locale['519a']."' title='".$locale['519a']."' style='border:0;vertical-align:middle' /></a></div>\n";
 echo "<div class='small'>".$locale['505'].showdate("forumdate", $data['post_datestamp'])."</div>\n";
 echo "</td>\n";
 echo "</tr>\n<tr>\n<td valign='top' class='tbl2 forum_thread_user_info' style='width:140px'>\n";
 if ($data['user_avatar'] && file_exists(IMAGES."avatars/".$data['user_avatar']) && $data['user_status'] != 6 && $data['user_status'] != 5) {

Thank you for the reports!
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