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9.03 - 403 error when granting groups via user profile


The link you followed may have expired, or the page may not be accessible to you.

I receive this error when attempting to grant custom groups via member profile pages. I can still add to group via admin panel as usual.

It is prolly custom template in the theme, I can not replicate this issue. Still on Atom9?
Atom9: StarCity doesn't have custom profile tpl

Also I can not replicate.
Is there anything different about the build provided by Softoculus?

Any file permissions I should check out via ftp?
I installed PF via Softaculous and everything works fine.

Nothing you sent here, I didn't find.

Try this:

Softaculous installs system with MySQLi driver. In FTP, open config.php and change $db_driver = 'mysqli'; to $db_driver = 'pdo';
Sorry, had a busy week.

Done, but no dice.
Check your Main settings under settings, verify domain and path info so they are correct.
Troubleshooting has concluded that the infusion Avatar Studio is the culprit. Uninstalled and now it works like a charm.
I had it working last night but it popped up again for both me and my assistant Super Admin. At least this time it came up in the log, I think.


215 if (\defender::safe()) {
216 // Store into session
217 $_SESSION['csrf_tokens'][self::pageHash($file)][$form_id][] = $token;
218 // Round robin consume token
219 if (count($_SESSION['csrf_tokens'][self::pageHash($file)][$form_id]) > $max_tokens) {
220 array_shift($_SESSION['csrf_tokens'][self::pageHash($file)][$form_id]);
221 }
222 } else {
223 if (!empty($_SESSION['csrf_tokens'])) {
224 $token_ring = $_SESSION['csrf_tokens'][self::pageHash($file)][$form_id];
Line 224 -- 3 minutes ago
Undefined index: /error.php
225 $ring = array_rand($token_ring, 1);
226 $token = $token_ring[$ring];
227 } else {
228 $_SESSION['csrf_tokens'][self::pageHash($file)][$form_id][] = $token;
229 }
230 }
232 // Debugging section
233 if (self::$debug) {
234 if (!self::safe()) {
The token is pretty easy to fix on all version 7 infusions. Find all conventional <form> and replace with our function.



echo "<form name='xyz' method='post' action='$action'> "



echo openform('xyz', 'post', $action);

I'm not using any community infusions at the moment. All stock aside from CSS.

The avatar studio infusion is currently disabled
You can try to change sessions type to database under Admin > Settings > Security Settings, also up the amount of allowed tokens, perhaps some UF generate more.
Yeah still not working for me or any of my admins.
Cause found: cPanel ModSecurity is not compatible with php-fusion. All admin and user related 403 errors ceased with ModSecurity disabled.
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