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It has been awhile...

Wow this place has chanced since the last time I was around here. Great to see the project still alive and well!

It has to be a few years since I been around and just as long since I have messed around with any CMS or websites. but I am back... at least kinda. I'll be installing v9 here soon checking it out (plus out of my boredom I just bought 3 years of hosting so now I at least have to do something with it so why not a php-fusion install!

One thing I did notice is it appears the marketplace/downloads are not working for me. I click download and it tells me it will be in my "downloads thing" and it don't show. not sure if its a bug or maybe just my old as dirt account.
Welcome back!

You are right, we are currently doing some step by step updates for our own Domain and Hosting sales services, it seems this section took a hit in the last round.
alright, so its a bug. now i know lol.
Hi there @w2ibc, welcome back to PHP-Fusion CMS.

I'm the current lead dev of this amazing CMS.

For your questions about the download is not downloadable, because the later version was uploaded on this site during the last update, conflicted with the php session cookie we had has all column as disabled, it got stored into your browser when the new version is uploaded, which is not refreshed. The fix is not a bug, strictly speaking and you can fix it.

Kindly please see the attached image before reading the instructions.

In your Account Settings > Digital Downloads, there is a small 'Customize options' link. Click that and a dropdown toggle will pop, and check all the columns and hit apply button.

I am patching the wallet now as I type as well. I've tested it on the development server and local server prior and has fixed and made several optimization adjustments.

I hope that will fix your problem. Sorry for the inconvenience.
Chan attached the following image:
that worked. i was able to download.
Same dude grin I was looking around for a CMS and .... I know this this PHPfusion... I used it (about 6 years ago as my first Forum CMS).
I came here and first 2min I was making sure that this is phpFusion lmao

This page changed so much I was like TF am I?
Just to get the thread interesting, I'll give a piece of unreleased news here, The forum and marketplace are about to get big updates on it again.

Chan wrote:

@Chan - Just to get the thread interesting, I'll give a piece of unreleased news here, The forum and marketplace are about to get big updates on it again.

Any indication on the release of next version of version 9?
No we have yet to iron out precise details on what milestone to land in the next version before we release it, we have however a decent Dev Plan - https://www.php-fusion.co.uk/infusion...pid=206425
Before we start to final that version there are a few things here on main we want to fix and complete. 2FA, Hosting ( This weekend maybe ), Marketplace tuning and Hire a Developer Center (RoadMap).
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