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PHP-Fusion Main Site Forum Updates (Release Notes)

@everyone Main site forum is currently going under some theme changes to adapt to incoming patches. We will not close the site as this is still in a progressive update since it does not affect core scripts, just on the theme end. We apologize if the site seems to look odd to you. Expected completion is around 3 to 4 days time. During this period, you will see the update being lean on:

1. Provide clear and concise support content.
2. Engage in more focus on user reputation.
3. Profiling users in a better way, and having to set up community activity and leader boards.
4. UI/UX update.
5. More coding support in the forum.

All issues will be self resolved when the update is completed. Thank you.
Forum posting had a site error earlier during posting. This issue has been resolved.
Today's update includes:

- Editor box is now improvised.
- Forum patched some front and back end including new moderation functions and some forum front end function.
- Forum layout changed some on new and post reply page.
- Updated code bbcode layout.
Updated CSS and Forum HTML
# What's New
* Forum updated with new page navigation system. We've added new makepagepointer() function into latest development core patch.
* Filtering in thread view has been optimized. Now you can search in the thread for relevant posts as well.
* Optimized core codes on forum. This will be reflected on better forum loading speed.
* Multiple bugfixes.
# What's New
* Adjustments: New post box on top of each thread of the ease of replying a thread.
* New Feature: The new post box upload attachments directly and allows you to embed your photos of any size to your textbox in form of special markup. Clicking the preview will allow you to preview your image.
* New Post commenting: Post comment will not count as a post, because they are just a reference to the original post, without any constructive answer to the question. Each post in this forum are subject to ratings by forum users and might be negatively marked by others which will carry a negative impact on your overall user reputation score. To avoid this, if you're just asking for clarifications or making nonconstructive posts in reply, use the commenting feature instead. These would not expose yourself to any rating penalty.

* Multiple bugfixes:
- Fixed page navigation errors when page hits a limit of the page per posts.
- Server Requests optimization.
As a result of a series of code glitch, and fixes.... I've updated quite a lot of new features on this site.

At first, someone on Discord said he can't register. So after I fix Registration -> Profile didn't work -> Then Forum which relies on QuantumUF didn't work, then UF admin didn't work -> then Facebook had an error -> after which UF glitches again -> Theme framework had an error -> which caused me to update Profile Page again.

Now, most of the stuff that I've checked is working again.

User Relations is now effective on main site.
You can now add friends among each other, which will show up in the activity section in the future updates.

New Profile Home Page on custom scripts.

We have now enable User Journals for those who loves to write and share articles on this site. Developers are highly encouraged to share their knowledge in the way they think fit.

But take note: Your profile will be secured by your own, and the moderator. You can write anything, but beware, the COC applies to the whole site as well. We do not tolerate NSFW, Lewd, or Pornographic materials on your journal posts. The moderator can delete anything without notice if he/she thinks it is not tolerable.

There are some updates that is pending which I will be working on next 24-48hr. Once they are done, some are glitch fix, and some are content tools. I'll enable them on this site again to do a thorough clean up.

I'll post in Discord regarding this.
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