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Help With Custom Coding

Scenario: a download folder in my infusion contains a recently uploaded epub file.
Folder: "downloads/filename.epub" uploaded epub file
Folder: "books/book_title/extracted contents of epub file" uploaded manually after changing epub file to zip file and extracting.
Folder: "ereader/book_title.php" script to READ epub files on server in the browser.

After epub file and image are uploaded and the info is written into the db table I do this:
if (!is_dir(MY_BOOKS.$book_title)) {
 @mkdir(MY_BOOKS.$book_title, 0755, true);
if (!is_file(READER.$book_title.".php")) {
 $my_file = fopen(READER.$book_title.".php", 'w');
 $my_data = file_get_contents(INFUSIONS."booklib/admin/prototype.txt");
 fwrite($my_file, $my_data);
 $fname = (READER.$book_title.".php");
 $new_file = fopen($fname, 'r');
 $content = fread($new_file,filesize($fname));
 $content = str_replace('NEW_TITLE', $book_title, $content);
 $fhandle = fopen($fname,'w');

This works exceptionally well; I get a directory created with the book title as name. I get a script file created in the "ereader" directory. All is good. But then I have to manually upload the extracted epub(zip) into the "books/book_title" directory. But this is what I would like to do.
I need to copy the uploaded file into the books/book_title directory renaming it to filename.zip; then extract that file on the server then delete the copied zip file. The reason for all of this is that the open source epub reader I found and am using can't handle the epub file as is but must read the extracted files.
OK. I made progress. The uploaded file is now copied into the correct directory but with an epub extension. How do I now change the file extension to a zip, unzip it in the same directory and then delete the zip file?
Yes I know. But before I can use that I need to successfully change the file extension to ".zip" and so far I can't make it work. Here's what I have:
if (!is_dir(MY_BOOKS.$book_title)) {
 @mkdir(MY_BOOKS.$book_title, 0755, true);
 $src_file = BOOKS.$book_file;
 copy($src_file, MY_BOOKS.$book_title.'/'.$book_file);
 $file = (MY_BOOKS.$book_title.'/'.$book_file);
 substr_replace($file , 'zip', strrpos($file , '.') +1);

If I could just get the extension to change then I could proceed to learn how to unzip it and then delete the zip file.
Fantastic !!! Using php's ZIP class I was able to extract the epub file to the directory w/o need to change the extension to .zip ! All is well except for deleting the epub file in the directory where it's extracted. I've read that UNLINK will only accept a PATH and not a url. I'm not sure about that and will have to experiment further. cool

Added Note: I figured out how to use the UNLINK command. All is good the infusion is now complete. After extraction the epub file in the target directory is now deleted; NO ERRORS !!!
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