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Upgrade 9.0.0 to 9.0.3

Hi all. I am about to undergo an upgrade from V9.0. 0 to 9.0.3

I don't recall there being any versions in between.

I see a full 9.0.3 zip but not an upgrade version.

Am I missing something?

Today I have committed an auto patcher which calculates table differences and generate sql statement. It will calculate table structure differences automatically and patch accordingly.

A working sample is shared now in Babylon.

A notice will show now when an upgrade is available. This is how you can upgrade your plugin in Babylon now. www.php-fusion.co.uk/infusions/forum/attachments/capture_10.jpg

The new API looks as such, the link if you're interested to: https://github.com/php-fusion/ci-News...#L185-L208
Once the parameter is changed, the system will pop up the notice as mentioned. Developers can test changing the array, and use the upgrade notice, and see changes take effect immediately.
Chan attached the following image:
There are numerous data table changes, which is why some of the data never came through. Users (was 36 fields now 39), Comments, Panels, Custom Pages.

This makes it onerous to update from 9.0.0 to 9.0.3. I'm hoping that future migrations from 9.0.3 upwards will be far easier than what I am currently experiencing.
Ok, I got it going, there are few little Gremlins to work through.

The main issue why it didn't work yesterday was the fact I didn't copy over all of the newer PHP files. I did a recheck this morning and a couple were still some of the older ones so I copied the new ones in, re ran the installer and bingo we're in. The Apache thing was a red herring by looks of it.

Pointing to the existing mysql database was 70% correct. A few tables are blank, the user table was reset just to the one user being Superuser. Everyone else has gone. Need to rebuild it from my most recent mysql backups, do long as the table structures haven't changed.

I don't like the new home.php set up. It's pointless for me because I don't do news, downloads nor blogs.

Plus the upper and lower center panels display nothing, even though they have panels configured.

At some point, a dark theme would be really nice. The ones that are currently in the system don't do anything for me to be honest.

We'll keep chugging away now that the hard part is done.

It is very easy to see all these.

Go to Laragon and install it to your PC. https://laragon.org/, and install PHPFusion 9.03 using it. Test to be sure. In Laragon, there has many Apache modules you can enable/disable to see what went wrong in comparison to live server.

The Database Type that PHPFusion use is MYISAM, INNODB is unsupported.
Always use PDO, it's fastest and safest. MYSQLi might have problems during installation.
This is looking like I have to create a brand new MYSQL database.
Ok I gave the installer a go but I hit a few road blocks. I copied over all the 9.0.3 files, did all the chmod work, no issues.

1. On the file system prerequisites, Apache came up as an issue.

"Due to the settings for Server tokens in httpd.confg, it is impossible to determine the version of Apache without mod_rewrite, a minimum version of 2.2.16 is needed."

The Web host confirms its at 2.4, so was bemused why the script couldn't see it. This is their (Lonex.com) response.

"Apache version is 2.4 and you are already using mod_rewrite with a custom .htaccess file so I am not quite sure why your application does not see it."

2. Considering this is akin to a brand new install, what happens if I'm using the same super user and admin, plus passwords as before. What happens in the mysql database in the users table?

3. When I run the infusions through the script, there is a slight little error log that flashes up on the screen but it's too fast and I can't see what the error is. I think it's to do with a variable not found. I'm not sure if it's a problem, because the response message comes back saying that the infusion has in fact been infused.

At the end of it all the installer doesn't return to the index.php screen, so it's not quite there yet.

If there's any extra detail that you need, just let me know. Thanks.
Yes, there are no versions in between.

PHPFusion 9 uses an automatic table batching/repair system. So there is no need for an upgrade in admin or upgrade script. Just run install and if your config.php is not empty, you should see an upgrading interface.

Note you must take. When access install, the config.php will be copied to a backup copy, and your current config.php will be renamed. This will make your site inaccessible to the public. At any time you can restore it manually by renaming the config_temp file back to config.php

If you are still not sure, use PHPMyadmin to backup your whole DB to a local system, and perform the upgrade locally, and when it is all done, replicate it to your live server.
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