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Several Addons Needed - WILL PAY - Lots of Work Available

I am sure some of these Addons have been asked for a million times but I am desperate for them and I am willing to pay someone if they can code these Addons for me. My knowledge of coding is extremely limited and unfortunately I cannot code them myself and I figured this would be the best place to post. Below are a list of the Addons I need. I have a file written up with specific details and requirements for each and every AddOn listed and if you are interested, I will gladly send that to you. I prefer you reply to this post or send me a PM here on site but you may also contact me by emailing me at , add me and message me on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/IllusiveEnte...erprisesWV, contact me on WeChat at Amber304WV or Skype at Amber304WV, WhatsApp at +1-304-698-4205 or TextNow at 1-304-370-4005.

Here are the AddOns I need with brief descriptions of each one:

Premium Memberships Infusion - Needs Admin Panel, Can Add Multiple Memberships With Pricing, Payments via PayPal, Stripe, Skrill, Square, Credit/Debit Card and Memberships need activated immediately after payment and expire with 3 days grace period if not paid. Premium Memberships will also need content restriction based on the members Membership Level.

Affiliate Program - Program where users are issued their own referral links & marketing materials and can earn commission for each referral that signs up for Paid Site Features. Similar to the www.Viralix.com Affiliate Program.

Points & Rewards System Infusion - Needs Admin Panel. Points are given for active site participation, reaching milestone, accomplishing tasks, playing games, entering raffles for points, scratchcards for points, can open "bank account" & deposit points & collect daily points depending on how much is in account. Points can be exchanged for digital and physical rewards both so will need to setup a type of store for exchanging points for rewards.

Multi-Vendor E-Shop Infusion - I need an e-commerce shop for Fusion that will allow members to open free and paid stores and Premium Members can get discounts on paid stores and some paid store plans are free for premium members. Needs to give each member their OWN store. It will need an admin panel so I can control the features available to each member level and etc. I'd actually like to integrate something like WooCommerce (I can provide ALL additional MODULES for WooCommerce needed for the store so no need to buy them separate) or even something similar to OsCommerce or other Open Source E-Commerce Solution. This will require many additional features.

Live Messenger Infusion - I need a Live Messenger for my website similar to AIM or Yahoo Messenger. This means each user will also have a Friends List within their Messenger. Each member will be notified when someone had added them to Friends List so they can Approve/Deny/Block User. Needs many other features too.

Lice Chat Using PCPIN Chat With Live Audio & Video Infusion - I need PCPIN Chat from http://www.pcpin.com turned into an Infusion to work with PHP-Fusion and I need Live Audio & Video added WITHOUT FMS OR RED5. Adobe Cirrus like is used for Video Chat here at https://www.php-fusion.co.uk/infusion...ce/?id=985. I will also need a Who's Chatting Ajax Panel created for this and admin panel using and based on PCPIN Chat's Admin Panel.

Live Help Chat Infusion/Seamless Integration - I would like to integrate Live Chat PRO Version from http://www.livechatscript.com/pro.aspx with my site. I would prefer it's added as an infusion or added seamlessly into the site so it recognizes registered and logged in members. Some tweaking may be required or an entirely new Live Chat System may need to be developed to accommodate my needs.

Live Theme Editor Infusion - I need a Live Theme Editor Infusion which will allow me to edit any existing theme or create a theme from scratch (using basic theme coding used with ALL Fusion 9 Themes) and edit it LIVE and see the Live results across my site before it is applied. Once I am satisfied with the Theme, I can download it and apply it to my site. I want to be able to download it so I have a hard copy of the theme also.

Email Creator On My Hosting Account Infusion - This infusion should SAFELY & SECURELY allow Members with the correct Membership Levels to create email addresses via my hosting account. This will require very secure and tight security measures to ensure it's 100% secure and safe. Members can choose their own email and the domain it will be hosted on. Once their email is created, they will need a portal on site to login to their email.

Appointment Scheduling & Booking Infusion - I need an Appointment Scheduling and Booking Infusion which will allow members to book appointments for meetings and such.

Custom User Profiles Infusion or Userfield - I need an infusion or userfield which will allow members with the correct membership levels to color their profiles, add banners, add graphics, backgrounds, music and so forth. This can be done as an infusion or as a userfield either one.

Site Reviews Infusion - I need an Infusion which will allow visitors and members to leave site reviews with 1-5 star ratings, a comment and photo or video if desired. A special section needs created for the Reviews on the site and I need to be able to have an admin panel to review and approve or reject reviews before they are posted.

Multiple Social Media & More Account Creation/Login Infusion - I want something similar to Auth0 at https://auth0.com or OneLogin at https://www.g2.com/products/onelogin but cheaper per month and self hosted with ALL of the Social Media registration/login features they provide. Other alternatives can be found at stackshare.io at https://stackshare.io/auth0/alternatives. I want to go with the absolute cheapest offering as many social media networks & more as possible. I will pay the fees for this. Some that look good are Firebase at https://firebase.google.com/pricing, oauth.io at https://oauth.io/home/pricing and possibly KeyCloak at https://www.keycloak.org/about.html or even OpenID at https://openid.net. Please select the cheapest and best, free is always best.

Create, Edit & Share Spreadsheets Infusion - I need an Infusion which will allow users with the correct Levels to Create, Edit and Share Spreadsheets with other users. Spreadsheets can be shared with users on site. This will work with Premium Memberships Infusion also but all site members will have some access to creating and sharing spreadsheets. Spreadsheets will also need their own system so they can be uploaded to a place similar to downloads but Categories will automatically be created based on the Members Username and each Spreadsheet will be uploaded to their Category if they decide to Upload the Spreadsheet. The member is in complete control over who can access, edit and download their own spreadsheets.

This is NOT a complete list, I need many many more Infusions and I do need some PC/MAC Programs, iOS and Android apps that will all pull data from the site and work simultaneously and together without flaws. If you have ANY INTEREST in ANY of the projects, please contact me ASAP.
We get your general ideas, but you need to include specifically:

1. PHPFusion Version on each of the infusion/module/theme requests.
2. Price offer on each of the infusion/module/theme requests

These are important to get replies.


We get your general ideas, but you need to include specifically:

1. PHPFusion Version on each of the infusion/module/theme requests.
2. Price offer on each of the infusion/module/theme requests

These are important to get replies.

Very sorry, when I get time, I will update this post with Add-Ons I need, all will be for PHP-Fusion 9 and I will include the budget for each project. I cannot afford prices on UpWork and similar sites and most of them are NOT FAMILIAR with PHP-Fusion.
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