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Table Responsive Delima

I know you guys must get tired of my piece-meal efforts to understand v9. I'm sorry but I need to know how to re-code things to conform to the new deal. I have tried to apply table-responsive to my infusion but this is what I'm getting. This 1st screen is full width:

This next image is when I reduce the screen to a smaller size to test table-responsive:
Notice the functional scroll-bar at the bottom.

And this is my code:
            echo "<div class='table-responsive'><table class='table table-striped'><tr>\n";
            echo "<td colspan='2' align='center'><img class='img-responsive' src='".($data['book_image'] ? IMAGES_BOOK.$data['book_image'] : INFUSIONS."booklib/images/default.png")."' alt='".$data['book_title']."' />\n";
            if ($asettings['social_sharing']) {
               echo "<br /><div colspan='2' style='text-align:center'>\n";
               $link = $settings['siteurl'].str_replace("../","",INFUSIONS)."booklib/book.php?book_id=".$_GET['book_id'];
               echo "<a href='http://www.facebook.com/share.php?u=".$link."' target='_blank'><img alt='Facebook' src='".INFUSIONS."booklib/images/facebook.png' border='0'></a>&nbsp;\n";
               echo "<a href='http://twitter.com/share?url=".$link."' target='_blank'><img alt='Twitter' src='".INFUSIONS."booklib/images/twitter.png' border='0'></a>&nbsp;\n";
               echo "<a href='http://digg.com/submit?url=".$link."' target='_blank'><img alt='Digg' src='".INFUSIONS."booklib/images/digg.png' border='0'></a>&nbsp;\n";
               echo "<a href='http://reddit.com/submit?url=".$link."' target='_blank'><img alt='Reddit' src='".INFUSIONS."booklib/images/reddit.png' border='0'></a>&nbsp;\n";
               echo "<a href='http://del.icio.us/post?url=".$link."' target='_blank'><img alt='Del.icio.us' src='".INFUSIONS."booklib/images/delicious.png' border='0'></a>&nbsp;\n";
               echo "</div>\n";
            echo "</td></tr><tr>\n";
            echo "<td>".$locale['book_411'].":</td>\n";
            $new = "";
            if ($data['book_datestamp'] + 604800 > time() + (date_default_timezone_set($settings['default_timezone']) * 3600)) {
               $new = "<span class='small'>".$locale['book_410']."</span>";
            echo "<td>".$data['book_title']."&nbsp;".$new."</td>\n";
            echo "</tr><tr>\n";
            echo "<td>".$locale['book_417'].":</td>\n";
            echo "<td>".($data['book_author'] ? $data['book_author'] : "-")."</td>\n";
            echo "</tr><tr>\n";
            echo "<td>".$locale['book_413'].":</td>\n";
            echo "<td>".cat_parents($data['book_cat'])."</td>\n";
            if ($data['book_pubdate']) {
               echo "</tr><tr>\n";
               echo "<td>".$locale['book_419'].":</td>\n";
               echo "<td>".$data['book_pubdate']."</td>\n";
            if ($data['book_publisher']) {
               echo "</tr><tr>\n";
               echo "<td>".$locale['book_415'].":</td>\n";
               echo "<td>".$data['book_publisher']."</td>\n";
            if ($data['book_language']) {
               echo "</tr><tr>\n";
               echo "<td>".$locale['book_436'].":</td>\n";
               echo "<td>".$data['book_language']."</td>\n";
            if ($data['book_format']) {
               echo "</tr><tr>\n";
               echo "<td>".$locale['book_438'].":</td>\n";
               echo "<td>".$data['book_format']."</td>\n";
            echo "</tr><tr>\n";
            echo "<td>".$locale['book_422'].":</td>\n";
            echo "<td>".($data['book_filesize'] ? $data['book_filesize'] : "-")."</td>\n";
            echo "</tr><tr>\n";
            echo "<td>".$locale['book_418'].":</td>\n";
            $drating = dbarray(dbquery("SELECT SUM(rating_vote) sum_rating, COUNT(rating_item_id) count_votes FROM ".DB_RATINGS." WHERE rating_item_id='".$data['book_id']."' AND rating_type='B'"));
            $num_votes = $drating['count_votes'];
            $rating = ($num_votes > 0 ? str_repeat("<img src='".INFUSIONS."booklib/images/star.png'>",ceil($drating['sum_rating']/$num_votes))." [".$locale['book_428'].": ".$num_votes."]" : $locale['book_429']);
            echo "<td>".$rating."</td>\n";
            echo "</tr><tr>\n";
            echo "<td>".$locale['book_424'].":</td>\n";
            echo "<td><a href='".FUSION_SELF."?book_id=".$data['book_id']."&amp;action=download'>".$locale['book_416']."</a> [".$data['book_count']."] ".(!$can_download ? "<span style='color:#f00'>".$locale['book_432']."</span>" : "")."</td>\n";
            echo "</tr><tr>\n";
            if ($asettings['read_epub'] && ($data['book_format'] =="EPUB")) {
            echo "<td>".$locale['book_443'].":</td>\n";
            echo "<td><a href='".INFUSIONS."booklib/ereader/".$data['book_title'].".php' target='_blank'>".$locale['book_439']."</a></td>\n";
            } elseif ($data['book_format'] =="PDF") {
            echo "<td>".$locale['book_443'].":</td>\n";
            echo "<td><a href='".INFUSIONS."booklib/downloads/".$data['book_file']."' target='_blank'>".$locale['book_445']."</a></td>\n";
            } else {
            echo "<td>".$locale['book_443'].":</td>\n";
            echo "<td>".$locale['book_444']."</td>\n";
            echo "</tr><tr>\n";
            if ($data['book_description']) {
            echo "<td colspan='2' class='tbl2'><b>".$locale['book_423'].":</b></td>\n";
            echo "</tr><tr>\n";
            echo "<td colspan='2'>".html_entity_decode(parseubb(parsesmileys($data['book_description'])))."</td>\n";
            echo "</tr><tr>\n";
            echo "<td colspan='2' class='tbl'><b>".$locale['book_433']."</b>&nbsp;".profile_link($data['user_id'], $data['user_name'], $data['user_status'])."<br /><b>".$locale['book_437']."</b>&nbsp;".showdate("shortdate", $data['book_datestamp'])."</td>\n";
            echo "</tr></table></div>\n";

Please someone help me to understand what I am doing wrong!
I would take the grid system from bootstrap. Would that be a solution for you?

tocrah wrote:

@tocrah - I would take the grid system from bootstrap. Would that be a solution for you?

Sure that would probably be a solution if I knew how to apply the coding to my infusion. I am a table person and don't use divs and really have a hard time understanding how to use divs. I suppose one day I'll figure it out if I live that long! LOL grin
This is a browser width of 752. If I drag the window even slightly smaller then the description field jumps back to straight across with no auto-flow:

I cannot figure out how to make it continue to flow left at lower widths.
Chan attached the following image:
Well I solved the description heading and field problem by taking it completely out of the table and putting it in a div with class='post_message'. It works fine. I need to learn more div techniques anyway.
Well I finally have my first successful complete conversion of a table setup to the responsive div setup. Making progress! cool
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