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Marketplace/Store Functionality

I have a question about add-on submissions. There seems to be no lengthy form anymore for submitting an add-on. When I go to my store all I find is a link that says Add A Product. When I click that and then browse to the zipped file on my computer and then hit Submit, that's all; there is nothing more. I have tried to add 2 new add-ons and they are not there. Please advise on what I may be doing wrong or not understanding.
We known about this problem
Ok, I will revisit every single script in the shop administration. Apologies for the issues.

Let me get the profile part fixed first. I’ll inform after the checks and fixes are completed in Discord.
Thanks Chan as always. I'll be looking forward to updates.
** Updates on Marketplace Vendor: **
** Time: 6/Oct/2019 **

1. Fixed file deletion problem.
Users who have downloaded their files into their user cache will not be affected by the availability of the file on their end since the files have been purchased by them. However, your item will be removed from any collections of your item, along with photos and files.

2. Creation of Support Forum Thread for approved add-ons.
When we approve your submissions, a support thread will be created so you can communicate with the user effectively to run any questions and answers here on PHPFusion. However, please note if you delete your addon, the thread will not be removed. This is because existing users will still need the thread for all the information within and the content on the Forum is separated from the content from the Marketplace. No files are stored in the Forum.

3. How to upload an item for submission.
- Select a category
- Upload a file (Make sure you click upload files or else the files will not upload)
- Upload a photo (Make sure you click upload photo or else the photo will not upload)
- Fill in the required fields.

Although not all fields are required, but approval of an item depends a lot on how much accurate information is published on your item.

4. Criteria on approval of addons.
- First, please make sure the archive is compiled against the root directory of where the files should be.
For example, if your files are an infusion, you should have an /infusion/ folder when the user unarchive the package.
- Item name must be precise and short
- Item Description must be precise and describe in the best manner of the nature of the addons. It's functionality, capabilities, etc elaborately.
- First Item photo to be an icon or a badge preferably that is used by your infusion, followed by screenshots up to a maximum of 5 photos only.
- Set your pricing.
- Submit for appraisal and approval from our admin team.
Thanks very much Chan for following through on this. I will now begin my new uploads. smile
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