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Where is Theme category for v. 9.03.00? + Suggestion for Marketplace

Where do I find more themes specifically for the PHP-Fusion 9+ series (9.03.00)? Because I can't see which theme works with which series or version of PHP-Fusion.
I think it would be easier and more logic to find addons in general in the Marketplace, if these where categoriesed under the specific series or version that they actually work with (just a suggestion)?

When I click on "Download" on the front page, I see 4 sub categories:
PHP-FUSION 7 DOWNLOADS - PHP-FUSION 8 DOWNLOADS - PHP-FUSION 9 DOWNLOADS - DOWNLOAD ARCHIVES, so why not do the same with the Addons in the Marketplace (except the archives)? - so that the user is directed to the right Addons, which works with the specific series or version of PHP-Fusion, which the user has installed on his or her homepage. That would simplify the search for infusions, panels and themes etc. for the end user! And that would make PHP-Fusion so much more attractive to new potential users and buyers of this fine CMS!
Thank you for the comments. The download v7,8,9 pages are for search engine to do SEO so people can do search effectively. Besides most getting the latest copy off Github.

This has been mentioned before and suggested by Robin. But I was prioritising in other fixes ad development progresses.

I will have these adjustments done to Marketplace to include a Core Version filters to get the items to the version you need.

I will also make adjustments on the fields for wallet to be integrated directly to your profile more streamlined here.
(about 95% do not enter First or Last name into Wallet information)

I will solve all these in the next update.
Glad to hear that! smile
Looking forward to see the mentioned changes - when you guys find the time to do so. wink
So as I understand it, the only themes which is currently working with version 9.03.00, are the ones, which are part of the download pack itself, right? And no complains about those - I like the many new theme options, which can be varied in so many ways. smile
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