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Adding Color Switcher & Text Size Changer to Theme?

Can someone please tell me what code to use to add a Color Switcher and a Text Size Changer to a Theme for PHP-Fusion 9 like the Theme Pastel has? I am including an image of the Pastel Theme and pointed out the Color Switcher and Text Sizer Changer I am speaking of on the top right side of the Theme.

Also, where exactly do I place the code and can the code be used with Themes/Templates that are not PHP-Fusion Themes as well or would the code be different for those Themes/Templates?

I am working on creating a new Theme and I would like to add both the Color Switcher and the Text Size Changer to the Theme I am creating along with some other cool features not found in most other PHP-Fusion Themes.

Any help with this is greatly appreciated.


For the sake of the quality post that users are about to give, please state:

1. Which CMS version are you using?
Different ones need different answers. V9 has cookie.js, which is part of the answer, and V7 doesn't have it.

2. The code that you have come up with now. What is your progress?

3. The Site Url that you are working on, and what environment. PHP version, MySQL version, etc.
I think I'll need to come up with a User Fields allowing users to state all these so next time, they can tag their site on forum posts.

For most of the answers, the easiest one will be, open the theme you saw in the picture and mod on it.
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