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Bugs with multilingualism

On the test version, PHP-Fusion 8.0.22 found the following bugs:

With 2 languages installed, those links made in horizontal and vertical navigation are displayed regardless of the selected language. See screenshots:



Another bug with multilingualism in the admin theme "Venus"; leaves English in the menu on the left:


In themes, "AdminLTE" and "Ares" displays correctly:

First issue, if you have link "Articles" you must add the same link also in another language with the same link options.

Second, known isssue.

If you want full multilang support try v9.
On the first question, you misunderstood. The problem is that in two languages not only a link to articles is displayed, but also all links related to horizontal navigation; despite the fact that they should be displayed in only one language, the flag of which is indicated.

I would not want to go to v9 angry
The links are what we called instanced, you add them under selected language. Very few areas in v8 is dual, like panels and custom pages can be displayed over an array of selected languages.
Add 1 link for a language you have selected in Admin, Switch language and that link should poof for the new language and you can add same link with a new locale for the new selected language.
If you for some reason have mixed links, remove the ones that are supposed to be for another language and re-add them carefully in the admin from you wanted language.
I didn’t put it that accurately. I’ll try to explain even more accurately.

Links that are set to "navigation panel only" and "sub-header only" are displayed correctly in the same language. But precisely if you specify the "navigation panel and sub-header", then they are displayed in vertical navigation with 2 links in 2 languages.

Maybe now you will understand me.
Yes now, I get it, must be secondary query that does not do mlang table.
Issued : https://github.com/php-fusion/PHP-Fusion/issues/2253
Good. After changing the code, the bugs disappeared like

In addition to what is described in this topic, links no longer disappear when you add another language. Prior to this, if the checkbox in the administrator part was checked in the second language (without removing the checkmark from the first), all links disappeared. And in phpmyadmin, new navigation links were displayed in two languages together, separated by commas.
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