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How Do We Know Which Add-Ons Work With PHP-Fusion 9 in Marketplace?

I am wondering how we are supposed to know which Add-Ons do and don't work with PHP-Fusion 9 in the Marketplace? I see nothing that lists the PHP-Fusion they are compatible with. Can this be fixed? I have download MANY Add-Ons that have screwed my sites up so bad because they were not compatible. We need SOMETHING to let us know which Add-Ons are Compatiable with PHP-Fusion 9, it's pretty important!

I am considering reverting back to Version 7 because very little exists for PHP-Fusion 9 or using another CMS altogether until more PHP-Fusion 9 Add-Ons are added.
Yes it is needed, MP is still worked on,filters versions will be inc and more clear in rolling updates.
You can try Fusion v8, it is a mix of 7 and 9 - compatible with v7 Addons and most Themes with some CSS Tweaks, it might work well for you.
Hi @SkeeredOfMyMind,

Thank you for the feedback regarding the MP.

The MP has been updated today. Now you can check for the Version Compatibility in each category where all the items within are placed. This is just an immediate upgrade to give you a basic idea of the assortment we have now.

Another is translations, and translations can be updated and approved by Owner of the Item or the Administrators on this site. It has been improved to include the language of the translated file.

We will move all our themes from v9 from Github to MP soon and the task is being assigned to RobiNN to do so.

For Shop owners, you can include seperate files for each version and they will work on the new version filters. If you only have one file to upload which can be used for more than 1 version, place the file on the highest version, and use the checkbox to state which version it can be compatible as well in the item description.
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