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V9 core files/package

I have a question that may sound dumb, but please bear with me. Many of you programmers/developers of PHP-F refer to Github. I haven't paid much attention to it, but I'm now trying to corral my thoughts on attempting upgrade from v8.00.21 to the latest v9 (9.03.00?) on one site, and v7.02.07 to v9 on another. Either upgrade or do a clean install. My question is, what are the files in, say, https://github.com/php-fusion/PHP-Fusion for, from my standpoint of being a non-programmer and just an end user of PHP-F, as related to a v9 download from this site as a zip package?
Github is a file repository where we put our source code there. All core developers or developers who wishes to contribute to extending or improvise the codes can pull to their HDD and open up editor to make tweaks on the files and push it back in for changes. So the next user will get the change immediately when he pulls it. This makes collaborating simple as everyone uses 1 single copy of source code.

The one in this site is verified working condition (as of the date it was being compiled) to be distributed here or on Sourceforge by the Project Manager himself to the public hence we support based on that code. The one in Github is the real time (keep changing) to this date , containing further changes than the one on this site.

On Github you will find 2 branches of v9 -

Andromeda is the code for 9.03.xx (current public release)
Subsequent changes only allow for bug fixes and code optimisation.

Babylon is 9.10.xx, (next major release candidate) this one will contain all rocket science features improvements but also condsidered buggy. Because I will need real time use of tracking down all potential bugs, this site is using Babylon.
Thank you, that makes sense. So for those of us who do not inside the code should stay with the latest public release. Correct?
Most developer would take the github one because they can fork and deploy the code into the server using git. It contains more fixes anyway.

For normal user, they would probably take the one on distribution listed on this site.


For normal user, they would probably take the one on distribution listed on this site.

I'll do that, thank you.
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