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Multi-site with different versions

Will doing multi-site between v9 and v8 work without any glitches or special tweaking needed? I have two separate web site instances on v8.00.21 that I want to multi-site, and want to step up to v9 since it seems more of the development and infusion/theme etc., efforts target v9. But I want to do one site at a time after I multi-site them. Does anyone see any problem with this?
Care to explain your multi-site environment in a bit specific?

Is it where 2 site shares the same database?

If yes, most of the infusions on 9 can’t be used unless you port the v8 ones to the 9. The 9 forum uses different constants as well like DB_FORUM_POSTS or THREADS, etc so they likely won’t be recognised on the 8 level as well. Database name and structure wise also have quite a wide difference, since v8 uses the v7 ones.

Better don’t merge, you will be spending most of your time debugging instead of working on new content.

The only compatibility I see here is current v9.03 to v9.10 since we are working hand in hand with each other, content wise.
My intention in multi-site of two sites is to use the same user table only, but otherwise will have completely different content, as in separate articles, photo gallery, forums, separate databases. Site 2 will use site 1's user table. Functionally, it would be so that users don't have to login twice to go between the two sites. But otherwise the content of each site is its own. Would that be problematic if v8 and v9 sites use the same user table in a multi-site config? Or is separarely upgrading each to v9, and then doing multi-site the only safe way to do it?
Everything is compatible in the users table EXCEPT

user_level for Super Admin, Admin, Member is stored as 103,102,101 in v8 And -103,-102,-101 in 9.

If you want to share the same table with the values of either, you need to take note of this.

For login wise, look out for the salt hash encryption is the same sha256 is used on both.
Ok thanks for pointing that out. I guess I'll upgrade to v9 on the two sites separately first to avoid that mismatch.
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